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Reasons Why People Love cPanel – cPanel Alternatives In 2024

free cPanel Alternatives

cPanel Alternatives 2024: Nowadays, site administrators are looking for free cPanel alternatives. Web hosting is companies pre-installing popular control panel in a web hosting account for their Linux VPS hosting

Millions of people choosing popular control panel and it don’t mean that experts aren’t looking for free cPanel alternatives.

What is cPanel? Why do we need it?

Now, we have two questions to answer, so it can conclude cPanel alternatives. A newbie or someone living in a cave might not know about the cPanel and it wouldn’t be as surprising for a beginner.

A web hosting account is a combination of operating system software and hardware and it concerns administrators & engineers only.

The server OS and hardware is inaccessible for account holders or customers. The paying customers were given an account, so they can start configuring a site without accessing the server physically. cPanel is a website control panel for customers or administrators of the site.

Over the years, the web hosting panel evolved and the major changes came in cPanel.

However, a similar interface could not compete with the stability, optimization, integration, options, and features. In a matter of years, the majority of webmasters started to demand free web hosting with Cpanel.

I have been using the popular interface for a long time and it provides advanced features with simplicity. A newbie can learn to organize a site in a few weeks because of the interface designed for beginners.

cPanel Core Features:

  1. Web hosting providers add cPanel as a free add-on, so additional payment required in this case.
  2. Highly optimized interface and functions, so there is no chance for glitches and bugs.
  3. The control panel provides features required to set-up a site and configures it as well.
  4. Additional tools are added to the interface, so it can come in handy for newbies.
  5. Millions of tutorials are available online such as Videos, Articles, How-To, and forums as well.
  6. The beginners can switch from a modern interface to retroversion in a single click.
  7. You can find basic features to advanced features such.

I could not find one CON in the web hosting panel.

Best free cPanel Alternatives to Manage Your Hosting Server

Advanced programmers and experts in the field have a different set of requirements and free cPanel alternatives in 2023 are a crucial tool for a minority.

We cannot ignore the readers/visitors looking for the best cPanel alternative and in such case, we brought five cPanel alternatives.

1. CentOS Web Panel

CentOS is a popular choice for virtual private servers (VPS)and the Auto-Fixer scans configuration files thoroughly and fixes wrong configured ones.

The advanced tool enables administrator access for making MySQL databases, SSL Certificates, Apache servers, and Nginx proxy, Email (self-hosted), and the list keep goes on.

Managing server health is no big deal as there are options like Monitoring, Backup, Users, and more.

Free Cpanel Alternative

Linux OS offers low-end servers a big-time relief because CentOS runs on 1GB RAM and 1GHz single-core process smoothly.

CentOS Web Panel supports CentOS environment, so you cannot install it separately on other similar software.

I inform the new customers that it does not come under open-source but it is a free product with ZERO hidden fees or costs.

2. Webmin

Webmin stands as free cPanel alternatives because it provides advanced functions that rival cPanel. The user interface does not create complications because the official designed it for beginners.

Learning the interface takes a few days for a newbie, so there is nothing challenging on the second day. Setting up a server is no big deal with Webmin and you can configure Apache web server, iptables firewall, Users, Monitor health, Setup Cron jobs, SSH Connection, SSL Certificate, and so on.

Webmin followers the modern features and frequent security are common. Fortunately, the official developers made a compatible version for Debian, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, CentOS, and other Linux-based operating systems.

  Hundreds of guides are available online, and an in-depth practice can come in handy for a newbie.

3. YunoHost

YunoHost is a web hosting panel aiming to provide a simple interface that can get the job done. The interface does not create comprehensive questions in mind and installing various self-hosted applications is a piece of cake.


Are you planning to install WordPress CMS, Joomla, Next cloud, and others?

Yes, installing scripts & web applications on YunoHost consider it done. The latest Debian 8 is supported by YunoHost, which provides administrator access to the web interface.

Basic functions are integrated into the web hosting panel and configuring the site has never been easy.

4. Ajenti

Ajenti is a Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides advanced security. The responsive interface allows the administrator’s set up Apache servers, Self-host emails, web terminal, remote access, monitor resource usage, establish firewalls, and more.

The Python-supported add-ons enable the administrators to polish the site thoroughly.


Ajenti adds greater value to the administrators running a few web applications and the transition does not create complications.

The entire web panel creates a compatible environment for the current configuration without changing its new environment.

Installing Ajenti on the new server is no big deal because there is an official comprehensive installation guide available on the site.

Coming to the supported OS, and it is compatible with Debian 6, Ubuntu Precise, CentOS 6, and RHEL 6.

You need a minimum 1GB RAM + 10GB free space to install and start working on the site.

5. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is a longest-running rival and it stands as a free cPanel alternative. The software is downloaded by thousands of people around the world and it does offer advanced features in the free bundle.

The simple to navigate interface enables the customers to create mail servers, monitoring servers, configuration, Apache servers, mirroring, Nginx servers, and more.

Best Cpanel alternative

ISPConfig has the advanced function to control multiple servers using one control panel and it doesn’t stop here.

The advanced web hosting software is optimized for performance and smooth experience to maintain 99.99% uptime.

Fortunately, the web hosting software that supports Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, and more compatible OS are coming soon. Coming to the minimum hardware requirements, you don’t need a beast server to run ISPConfig.

The server does not consume resources, so 1GB RAM and 10GB free space are enough and the hardware requirement increases depending on the traffic.

Best Free Web Hosting with cPanel Provider

I have listed strong free cPanel alternatives, but a few folks reading may find it difficult to install & navigate. Do not worry & rush into a final decision because we have a free solution that provides free cPanel web hosting.

GoogieHost is a free cPanel SSD Drive-powered web hosting service that does not charge a single penny. Single-core web hosting account provides 1GB RAM, 1GB SSD Drive storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free sub-domains, and more.


In case of emergency, you can contact customer support via ticket submission, and the team will reply with 24-hours of the period. Spammers cannot get through the system because the human reviewer will go through the application.

Do not worry about hidden charges, weak servers, and advertisements because GoogieHost is a 2011 project. The company has stood on its words since 2011 and the policies remain strong as a mountain.

Bottom Line

Let us know which free cPanel alternatives are selected for a test ride in the comment section below.

A quick Google search provides an in-depth installation guide for beginners.

Do not worry about Malware, Adware, and other threats because we listed reputed & secure web hosting panels only.

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