Best Way to Get 100% Free VPS For Students

Free VPS For Students

Best way to get 100% free VPS for students: A free VPS for students is important to provide, so they can start working on the projects to learn & execute.

Virtual Private Server short form is VPS, and millions of internet marketers prefer it over shared hosting.

A lot of newbies don’t understand the concept of VPS technology, and it creates plenty of problems.

A VPS is a virtual operating system installed on one server. Reputed companies set up multiple virtual accounts on one single server, and it holds multiple websites in it.

A well-reputed company does not overpopulate the server and maintains a balance.

However, if you select the wrong free VPS for the student’s provider, then crashes, slow performance, and slow loading time can occur anytime.

Company NameStorageRAMPrice (Monthly)Discount
Interserver30GB2048MB$0.01/M*99% OFF
GitHubFree (Limited)FREE
Amazon AWSFree (Limited)FREE
Microsoft AzureFree (Limited)FREE

Why Need Students For Free VPS Server?

A free VPS server for the students? It is an important question raised by several students in the past.

You can find free VPS for developers and free VPS for Minecraft games, but why not for a student?

Universities don’t pay the expenses for the in-house projects, and students have to bear it. No one can deny that college and university fees have increased over the years. Students cannot afford to put some cash on VPS hosting.

Is there free VPS for students? Of course, there are several services available online, but we need to identify the legit ones among the fakers. Free VPS for life is a dominant market for cunning opportunists and the Internet is a transparent spot for the masses.

Beware of the opportunist offering VPS hosting that does not even come close to it.

How to Get Free VPS Hosting For Students?

I have mentioned fakers online and it is a horrible truth about the internet nowadays.

Our company has worked hard in the research to provide results on legit free VPS for students.

It is our responsibility to inform the readers about the rules and regulations that freebie’s having to follow.

Not everyone is eligible to reach the free land because there are so many people taking false advantage of it.

Many companies are aiming to generate passive income from free packages.

Grab Free VPS For A Month

Included with all VPS packages: 24/7 support, SSL certificate, SSD storage, root access!
Free for a month, No need to pay!

First, they will offer free VPS for student’s packages with limitations and demand a few bucks to unlock all premium features.

It is old fashion to generate a decent income from a company end’s, and it isn’t a fair deal as well.

New customers on the platform may endure the limitations, but the company’s bank vault desperation increases with time.

It can encourage more restrictions on free packages, and it has happened in the past.

Web hosting companies may ask for identity proof of the students because they want to remove fake customers. The identification process has increased in the past few years due to fake registration.

It might be a tough round for a few freebies out there, but we have no other choice but to move on with it.

Best ways to get free VPS for students for Educational Purpose

Out list designed for a free cloud server for students and a non-student might end up disappointed later.

InterServer VPS

InterServer is a popular USA-based web hosting company. The hosting service provider was established in 2000, and they are in business for a very long time.

InterServer has evolved over the years, and they have added every package in existence. Comprehensive features and management support student’s ambition.

InterServer VPS for students, free vps for students

InterServer informed the new customers that they have to sign-up for an account using the EDU domain.

Every student in the universities and schools get.EDU an email address and they have to use it to get it.

You can get great discounts on existing packages as well, and it is a way to support students.

Limited time offer – SSD VPS At $1 for 3 Months

90% OFF WEB HOSTING The most popular web hosting package is now only $1 for 3 months. Stay @ Home to battle #covid19 while building your online business at the same time.

Interserver logo

99% Instant Off On VPS Server

now $6/m
Save $125/year

GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub is a popular open-source website, where developers come together to create web applications, programs, and free software.

You can host free software on the platform forever without paying a single penny.

GitHub worked with major industry names, and they have come forward to assist new developers.

free vps for students, github student developer pack

GitHub does not come with storage limitations because it is an open-source project, after all. Thousands of free tools are available on the platform, and anyone can start building a site from scratch. Of course, there is an age limit for the package, and it starts from 13-years old.

Amazon AWS Educate Program

Amazon started an initiative called “free cloud server for students” designed to assist the consumers using their services.

The company is allowing the students and researchers to explain cloud services to educational institutions.

Amazon AWS Educate Program, Apply for AWS Educate

The original intention of the management that want to spread the product around the world and support children for a good purpose.

Of course, it is a good initiate to offer free VPS hosting accounts to young students.

The students will get credits that can be used as a gift coupon to redeem the discount.

In case, if you are a researcher, then apply with supporting institution documents.

It does seem like a complicated process, but it’s worth your time.

Microsoft Azure for Education Professionals

MS Software Company could not stand behind and created the “Azure for students” project.

Microsoft providing free VPS for students, and there are no catches.

Bill Gates spending a lot of time helping people around the world and free VPS for students is one of them.

The next MS successful project Mircosoft Azure or Windows Azure the added free services for students so that the company can assist in children’s growth.

Microsoft Azure for Education

A student or teacher can sign-up for a new account using valid credentials.

Make sure to provide proper identification documents related to the University or College or High School.

MS Azure will provide $200 free credits, and then you have to redeem the discount at the final stage of the payment.

Yes, the new account creator has to go through the payment process.

The Microsoft Azure will be activated in a few moments after a few minutes.

Free Web Hosting for Students from GoogieHost

I assume that many of you are upset, and we don’t want to leave the readers/visitors in utter disappointment.

GoogieHost is a free web hosting company located in India, and they are providing free services for years now.

You can create a free web hosting account on the platform and start working on the project.

Free Web Hosting for Students

Of course, GoogieHost is not a VPS hosting provider, but they are adding lightning-fast SSD Drives.

In case, if you could not manage to get GitHub, InterServer, Amazon, and MS web hosting account, then this is a viable choice.

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Bottom Line

Free VPS for students is a good opportunity for a newbie in the Universities, Schools, colleges, and institutions to learn something new without spending loads of money.

I thank GitHub, InterServer, Microsoft, GoogieHost, Amazon, and others for coming forward to help the community.


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