How To Build Website FREE 2024 – Step-by-step Guide

How To Build A Website FREE

How To Build Website FREE: I’m sharing here some solid reasons you should fall in love with building a website Free, Anyone can build a Website FREE! in 2024, and no one can stop a passionate individual from creating a Static or Dynamic site.

Creating a website for your business is an essential part of the business model, but there are a few tools & knowledge required to fulfill the dream.

Lack of knowledge is a major problem, and with our guidance, anyone can create a website free of cost in the upcoming 2024.

Choose a Website Building Platform

First of all, we have to start somewhere, and the start line is choosing the right platform. To Build a website, you need to know to code.

How To Build Website FREE

However, if you are a non-programmer or a non-coder, then Content Management System is an ideal choice.

Now, let us look at some of the choices a newbie has in an arsenal.

CMS (Content Management System)

Even though there are several CMS options in the web market today, but we recommend the newbies to try WordPress to build a website. The WP CMS is a popular solution around the world, and you can find a lot of support for problems free of cost!

WP is a large community with millions of people online to support each other. You can find a lot of tutorials and solutions online, and it makes WP a powerful CMS.

Basic knowledge is what you need to create a professional website using WordPress.

Website Builder:

The website builder is the ultimate solution for newbies because of the interface designed for an individual with zero knowledge in coding.

The third-party tool enables individuals to build a Website from pre-designed templates.

The entire website is a template, where the customers or users have to edit the portions such as Header, Footer, Content, and more.

NOTE: Web hosting companies are offering free website builders nowadays. YouStable and NameCheap are some of those web hosting companies.


If you are an absolute advanced coder, then no one needs to teach the readers anything about it.

Choose the right Hosting & Domain Name

Hosting & Domain registration is the second major step that no one can avoid.

Free Web Hosting:

In case, if you are a small business that does not require a premium web hosting service, then you can opt for free SSD web hosting as well.

best free web hosting provider

Remember, a business must get a premium web hosting account because freemium services often come with server downtime.

GoogieHost is a reputed free web hosting company available in the market.

Choosing cheap SSD web hosting is an ideal choice for an individual with low-budget. If you are planning to purchase web hosting services for the WordPress site, then cheap SSD web hosting is a great option.

Do not fall for cheap web hosting services as several unknown companies are offering them in the market.


We recommend YouStable reputed Indian web hosting company for cheaper SSD hosting. Of course, the digital world has reputed companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, NameCheap, and InterServer as well.

The readers have the flexibility to select from these companies, but YouStable is a price-to-value option for newbies.

Build A Website Free Step by Step Guide

I am going to demonstrate the Setup, Installation, and Basic settings of WordPress CMS. By following our lead in the tutorial, we are going to set up the game by adding snapshots as well. The visual instructions are enough to build a website using WP.

Installation of WordPress

Let us assume that you have purchased web hosting from YouStable or NameCheap, and then they will add cPanel as a control panel. I am going to use the cPanel control panel to begin the process.

Step 1: Log in to the cPanel control panel by adding The web hosting solutions has sent an email with the details to the registered email account. Type “softaculous” in the search and then click on the first result.

Step 2: The next page is a “softaculous” dashboard, and click on the WordPress CMS.

Step 3: The next page has an install button and clicks on it to proceed.

The first step is not a difficult one, as long as you have access to the control panel credentials.

WordPress Configuration

The next page includes the configuration and settings of a domain name and the official developers of softaculous designed for beginners.

Step 1: Select the WordPress version, select the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) and then select the domain name. In case, if you have multiple domain names connected to the account, then they will appear here.

Step 2: Type website title and tagline. In the admin account, assign is admin name, and the password to access the account. Remember, you cannot afford to lose it or miss out something because it is the main administrator account. In the end, you have added a valid email address to recover the account.

Step 3: There are a few options in between the setup, but we are going to avoid it as it can confuse newbies.

You have an option to select basic themes available in the free web market and then click on “Install” to begin the installation of WP.

Typically, YouStable and NameCheap take a few moments to install the site.

Normally, the installation completes within one minute. Remember; try to access the administrator panel via in a few moments. The web hosting servers configure WP in the root system, so it consumes a few moments to finalize the settings.

Install WordPress Themes

A newbie is not aware of the WP dashboard, and it can intimidate new users at first glance. There is nothing to fear as WP developers designed the traditional interface for beginners.

The dashboard takes a week or two to master, and it does not add complications during configuration.

Step 1: Go to the administrator dashboard. Click on Appearance, and then the side menu will show on your screen, and then click on Themes.

Step 2: You have an option called “Add New” and click on it.

Step 3: The WP web market offers free-to-use themes as well. Click on Upload Theme or select one from the web market, and it is your choice.

Step 4: I have selected a custom theme to upload, and then click on the browse button. The browse window will show up on the screen and locate the WP theme file.

Installing a custom WP theme is no big deal but make sure the source of download is safe and secure. Usually, millions of newbies download the themes from unknown sources, and it ends up containing viruses and malware.

Customizing WordPress Theme

I recommend that beginners try the customization options to understand the functions. A visual presentation cannot suffice the knowledge base of the readers. However, I am going to show a few options to start working on it.

Step 1: Assuming that you have logged into an administrator account. Click on Appearance, and then click on Customize, which will open another page.

Step 2: Now, you have plenty of options available to edit. The beginners can replace the contents on the site such as Title, Tagline, Favicon, and more.

Step 3: Once the administrator is done with customizations, then click on the PUBLISH button available at the top to save changes.

Remember, you cannot revert edits, so make sure to start editing from the first option, and then try to monitor the changes on the site.

Installing Important WP Plugins

WordPress is a powerful CMS and half of the credits go to the number of plugins available in the platform. Installing a plugin shouldn’t pose a problem for a newbie because it is probably the easiest element of the entire WP interface.

Step 1: Go to the administrator dashboard and then click on the “Plugins,” then click on “Add new.” You have a huge library of free plugins available in the WP market, and you can search for them using the search bar.

Step 2: You have another option called “Upload Plugin,” and it is a function available for adding non-market plugins that came with the themes.

All right, remember, there are several plugins a WP user can add to make the website Responsive, Fast loading, Elegant, and Appealing.

Coming to important plugins, yes, there are several options available in the market for free of cost.

I have a snapshot above, and by selecting POPULAR, you can easily find important plugins for WP site. The first four are the most important plugins for every site. Keep on scrolling down, and start adding important plugins.

Or you can read this dedicated article on important WordPress plugins for a new website.

How to Add Your First Post

I assume that newbies have gained knowledge in website building and anyone can build a Website from scratch.

How about adding a new post?

WordPress ended support for Classic Editor and replaced it with WP Gutenberg editor. The new editor is slightly intimidating for a newbie in our frank opinion, but it takes a few days to master the elements of the site.

How about taking a short tour of it?

Step 1: Click on Posts, then click on Add New to create a new post on WordPress.

Step 2: Gutenberg is an editor for the WP site. The new editor took a long time for me to sink in the system, and it has improved the site in several ways.

Step 3: You can add the post title here, and then start working on the content below.

Step 4: Click on the + icon, and it will drop-down all available elements such as Image, Paragraph, File, Quote, and more.

Step 5: In the left sidebar, you can find options like Save Draft, Preview page, Publish content, Format, Move to trash, and more.

The Gutenberg is an advanced editor, which has shaped the content for search engines.

I bet that mastering it is worth it as it invites SEO optimization to the page. Search engines are happy as Gutenberg editor designs the content properly so that search engine BOT can read it properly.

I have rated Gutenberg 5 out of 4, and the one missing rating for the complicated interface.

Final Words – How To Build Website FREE

Fortunately, millions of people uploaded videos on installing WP and configuring it. A simple Google search can erase a lot of complicated problems from the system.

Reading the article to the end indicates that you have gained a lot of knowledge on WP. Remember, no one can master the controls until or unless there is a practical “build a Website” practice.

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