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One of the most popular social media platforms, Best Instagram story viewer is a place where people can share their pictures and videos as a feed. There are also options for uploading stories and reels for your friends.

Many love low-key surfing on Instagram. Stalking someone’s account and watching their stories anonymous is only possible with the Instagram story viewer tool.

Here we have fetched the best Instagram story viewers to get you the best tool for your device, mentioning all the features and details for better reviews. 

By reading this article, I’m sure that you will get your perfect match for the best Instagram story viewer.

All these options, as the best Instagram story, are handpicked with the reviews and reputation they build through their services over the years.

What Is Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram creates a platform where they allow people to share photos and videos as feeds with their friends. But the concept of stories made it stand out, where people, by putting in stories, can give a status update. The stories get deleted automatically after 24 hours.

As a story is uploaded, one can also see how all have seen it with the available list below, and there is no such feature to watch stories anonymously.

Only with the help of Instagram story viewers can you get anonymous access to watch Instagram accounts and stories.

Other than these, there are other impressive features of Instagram story viewer that can be of great use. Somebody can use the Instagram stories viewer tool with any device, but the quality of services may differ. This article will help you to get the best Instagram viewer as per your preference.

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Story Viewer Online?

Instagram story viewer is a tool through which one can view Instagram posts anonymously, and there are various reasons why one would like to do that. 

Even Though there are many applications available as Instagram story viewers, I would instead prefer you to go with Instagram story viewers online. Instagram story viewers online don’t have any requirement to register. 

Instagram story login online don’t ask for your details before accessing an anonymous profile. One doesn’t even need to waste time downloading and installing software on the device.

One should use Instagram story viewer online to view Instagram posts anonymously without sharing many details and creating intimacy with the software, and this is much secretive.

How to Use the Story Viewer for Instagram?

Using Instagram story viewer online or downloaded is way easier to view Instagram posts anonymously. The procedure to use this tool is way much easier than that.

For the Instagram story viewer application, one must download and install the selected on your device. Then as you will open it, there will be different ways through which you can easily view Instagram posts anonymously.

If selected to use Instagram story viewer online then, go search for the related site. You will find a search browser available, drop the user id of the person you’re willing to see, and tadaa! You will have Instagram the story available right in front of you.

Top 10 Best Instagram Story Viewer

There are various Instagram story viewers available when you google them. So here, we have prepared the top list of best Instagram story viewers to filter the most efficient Instagram story viewer for you. Read below, and you will find all the features of the Instagram story viewer.

  #1) Qoob Stories

Qoob stories is a  browser that will help you to find the Instagram story of a private or public account with a click. Qoob stories are one of the best Instagram story viewer online sites. 


They toss other features other than watching Instagram stories like –

  • One can download and watch the Instagram story
  • Can get access to the photos and videos on the Instagram
  • Can have an easy-going interface to use and download.
  • By setting a list, one can automatically download the content.

#2) Anonymous Instagram

Anonymous Instagram, as it names, serves various features with which one can view Instagram posts and stories anonymously. Instagram stories, correspondence, and reels are easily accessible by entering the user id in the browser available. 


Anonymous Instagram is the best free Instagram viewer. To know more, read below

  • Easy to use interface with only browsers available.
  • There is no need to register on the site to get services, and it gives benefits for free.
  • Can view Instagram posts anonymously with stories and reels too.

#3) Instalkr

Instalkr is another option to view Instagram posts anonymously. Here there is no need to get registered before using its service. You can watch every detail of someone’s Instagram account over here. 

To know more, read the features

  • Can view comments and likes of someone’s Instagram post.
  • One can even see the deleted post and comment of the person.
  • One can easy-track all the last changes in the account.

#4) SmiHub

If you want to use a complete incognito mode for Instagram, then Smihub is the best Instagram story viewer for you.


Here there are many advanced features available for you to take benefit of them. One can know detailed features of SmiHub by reading below-

  • Can watch and download any content available on Instagram.
  •  Here you can also search for hashtags and locations anonymously.
  •  You can quickly analyze the comments and likes of someone’s Instagram account.

#5) Ingramer

 Ingramer is a social media marketing with an in-built best Instagram story viewer.


It can help you access someone’s Instagram story, and by downloading the content, you can use videos and photos for marketing purposes. For detailed features, read below-

  • You can easily view Instagram Stories anonymously by browsing the user name.
  •  One can quickly download videos and photos for this purpose.
  • You can also easily use them for marketing purposes.

#6) InstaDP

InstaDP is the best Instagram story viewer for beginners.


It has an easy-to-use interface where you only need to search the Instagram id on the browser the profile is there. See detailed features of instaDP below-

  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can get access to the stories, feeds, and reels of the profile.
  • Download reels, stories, and feeds easily from the profile.

#7) Stories IG

Stories IG is an easy-to-use Instagram story viewer that helps you view Instagram posts anonymously. Stories IG is known for giving others Instagram content in second.

Stories IG

The person can also share directly from Stories IG. Read below for more features-

  • Can view Instagram posts anonymously.
  • Can share photos, videos, and stories directly from here.
  • Fast results.

#8) StoriesDown

With an easy-to-use interface, stories down is serving anonymous services to their customers. Here one can easily download and view Instagram posts anonymously.


It is the best Instagram story viewer for downloading high-quality content. Read below for more details-

  • Can view Instagram posts anonymously.
  • Can download high-quality content from the website.
  • Easy-to-use interface, the comments box appears next to the photo

#9) IGStories

IGstories is a part of up leaf.


Upload is a social media marketing tool that helps small businesses to get better exposure through social media. To know about details of IGstories, read below-

  • You can easily Download Videos, photos, and stories on your device.
  • Can view Instagram posts anonymously.
  • One-click switch to upload for social media marketing solutions.

#10) Insta Stories

 Instastories is providing high-quality Instagram stories for downloading.  One can get access to someone else’s Instagram account anonymously without registration.


They can make use of an easy-to-use interface for faster results. For detailed features, read below-

  • Can view Instagram posts anonymously.
  • Fast speed of loading.
  • Easy user interface and no registration required.

Are Instagram Stories Viewers Safe?

Instagram story viewers are safe to use and to view Instagram posts anonymously. You can use the best Instagram posts viewer by searching the user name available, and the required data will be available in front of you with a click.

They are safe as most of them don’t even ask for registration or sign in before using the services. Other than these, and also share many features to take benefit of them.


What do the top 5 viewers on Instagram stories mean?

The top 5 viewers on Instagram stories are the profiles shortlisted by Instagram in consistent conversation with you. Instagram shortlists the profile by an in-build algorithm.

Are Instagram story viewers anonymous?

Yes, you can quickly go anonymously on Instagram by simply acquiring one of the best Instagram story viewers mentioned above. With Anonymous Instagram, one can freely access the Instagram account in seconds. You can even download high-quality stories and post anonymously.

How can I watch Instagram stories anonymously?

You can easily watch Instagram stories anonymously with the help of your best Instagram story viewer that you can find in the above article. There are more than 10 Instagram story viewers mentioned from which you can easily choose one to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Who viewed my IG story the most?

The answer to “who viewed your IG stories the most?” can easily be found by looking at the views list. The first few profiles in the list are the ones that watch your stories more often. Instagram automatically shortlists the profile by an in-build algorithm.


After Facebook, Instagram is the largest platform where people can share their photos, videos, and stories with their friends. Similar is also the platform where people will love to watch others’ profiles anonymously.

Here we have mentioned the best Instagram story viewer; with the help of them, you can easily access the Instagram profile of others. Software like Anonymous Instagram and qoob stories are free to use without a registration requirement. Anonymous Instagram is the free best Instagram viewer

Apps like Smihub will give you full incognito for Instagram by the availability of all the profile content without leaving a trace. One can also search for hashtags and locations on Smihub.

Other than these, there are other tools like instalkr where you can also get the deleted posts of the profile.

By reading this article, you will find the best Instagram story viewer, which gives stories, posts, and reels of the desired account for free.

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