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Free youtube playlist downloader

YouTube Playlist Downloader Online: We all love to watch videos on YouTube for free. The content available on YouTube shares a wide range of interests irrespective of how you are and what your age is YouTube is the platform that will provide you with the content of your interest. 

One can not only watch and hear the video content available, but they can also create and share it with a wide range of audiences. YouTube content is available from anywhere with internet access.

But there is no option to download other videos for free. There are many willing to download videos from YouTube for their personal use. For them, there are various YouTube playlist downloaders available online.

A variety of free YouTube playlist downloaders are available online, which creates confusion to choose from. So here we have done some research to help you in finding a compatible FREE YouTube downloader online.

But before going through the research we have mentioned what exactly “YouTube playlist downloader is?” to make the concept of YouTube playlist downloader.

What Is YouTube Playlist Downloader?

When someone needs to download videos in bulk like the whole playlist, Then a YouTube playlist downloader comes in the frame to help you. YouTube playlist downloaders are the downloaders who help in downloading videos in bulk.

YouTube Playlist Downloader

There are YouTube video downloaders that can easily download a single video but through it downloading the whole playlist one by one will take hours. So YouTube playlist downloader is the best option available for anyone willing to download the whole playlist.

One can easily download the playlist irrespective of whether it is online or offline. One can download the videos that are there on others and his YouTube channel.

There are many other features like converting them from video to audio files (MP4 to MP3) that can be done with a single click. There are various free YouTube Playlist downloaders available, a few of them premium, and many are free of cost. Free YouTube playlist downloaders are also offering various features to attract more customers.

Above are the basic details about the free YouTube playlist downloader. Still, there are many frequently asked questions by the user so below are the answers to a few of the questions to achieve more clarity related to free YouTube playlist downloaders. 

Best YouTube Playlist Downloaders For Chrome, Mac & Windows

The downloading of the whole playlist is only preferable with Windows or Mac as they will need a huge amount of storage space to store. There are various YouTube playlists available for Mac and Windows. Few of them are premium and others are available for free.

Here we have selected a few Best Free YouTube playlist downloaders for you to easily compare and get the best YouTube playlist downloader for you.

1. Videoder

Videoder is a free YouTube playlist downloader. It also downloads a single video and also helps in converting a file into various forms, and all this is done online.

Videoder YouTube Playlist Downloader

Without any need to download any app on your device.

Other features of videoder are mentioned below-

  • Give 10x the speed of downloading compared to the other competitors.
  • One can download videos from more than 1000 sites available like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc.
  • The video can also be downloaded in 4k.
  • They also give a feature to download MP3s from YouTube videos.

2. TubeMate YouTube downloader

Tube mate downloader is the most famous free YouTube playlist downloader which can easily download the whole playlist by putting the URL in the browser available to it.


There are many other features of the tube mate downloader which are mentioned below-

  • They convert YouTube videos into any format MP3 or MP4 or AV as required.
  • They download the video in the format of video or audio.
  • They have a direct search bar available to search the video, one can also copy-paste the URL of the video.
  • The special application is also available to download videos from your mobile.

3. VidMate- HD Video Downloader

Vidmate- HD video downloader is a free YouTube playlist downloader that provides high-definition quality videos.


They are also known for downloading YouTube videos and other social media content.

The more detailed features of Vidmate- HD downloader are mentioned below-

  • The video is downloaded in high-definition quality.
  • They allow downloading content from other social media apps like WhatsApp, and Facebook. One can even download WhatsApp status with the help of vidMate.
  • The videos can easily be downloaded in various formats.

4. Snaptube

Snaptube is a PC and Android application that is a free YouTube playlist downloader. Snap Tube has been in the market for free downloading for years.


They have more than a million users all over the world. They share great appreciation from their users.

The other features of the snap tube are mentioned below-

  • They allow us to download videos from YouTube and other social media apps too.
  • You can download a video at any resolution you want.
  • They also give the option of downloading a video and then saving it as MP3 on your device.

5. By Click Downloader

By click, the downloader is the best application for your PC as a free YouTube playlist downloader. They have made downloading a YouTube playlist easy for the customer. Also, get Free online Movie watching with Solarmovies Alternative.

By Click Downloader

The detailed features of the by-click downloader are mentioned below-

  • The updated user-friendly interface makes it easier to use. They have given the page a YouTube look.
  • You can download a video in any format you are willing as numerous formats are available for download.
  • One can also convert already downloaded videos into another format.

6. 4K Video Downloader

4k video downloader is one of the fastest free YouTube playlist downloaders. They are making it easier for the customer to download YouTube videos in one click.

4K Video Downloader

They believe in no more hectic procedure for downloading the video.

The detailed features of the 4k video downloader are mentioned below-

  • The video can be downloaded in any format you want.
  • The person doesn’t need to install any software to use it.
  • No registration is required before using the site.
  • Gives high-speed conversion to files.

7. Snapdownloader

Snapdownloader is an application with more advanced features. It is a free YouTube playlist downloader which is also helpful for other uses. Also, get the top Best Free Discord Voice Changer.


They are not only used for downloading bulks of videos; single videos can easily be downloaded from them.

The detailed features of it are mentioned below-

  • You can also download virtual reality videos from YouTube.
  • One can also trim the video within the app and only download the related part.
  • Has the support of around 1,000 websites which means you can download the video from 1,000 websites.

8. iTubeGo

ITubeGo is an audio, video downloader that also allows the user to edit the video. They are famous amongst many users and they can also be used as free YouTube playlist downloads.


They also make sure of the quality of the video which is getting downloaded.

The other features are mentioned below-

  • They have a basic interface to make it simpler to use for the user.
  • You can download videos from 10,000 websites for free.
  • They download the content in HD quality, maintaining an image of the site.
  • They also provide a 24*7*365 days support system to help

9. WinX YouTube Downloader

Winx YouTube downloader is one of the safest free YouTube playlist downloaders. They have a wide range of users because of their security features.

WinX YouTube Downloader

Winx YouTube downloader helps the user to download videos with ease.

The other features with details are mentioned below-

  • They are the easy interface to make it easier to download the video. Even if someone has never used this kind of tool, you can also use Winx.
  • They have a wide range of supported websites other than YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • They are freeware and have no plugins and add-ons while using them.

10. VideoProc

Videoproc is a famous and highly satisfying free YouTube playlist downloader. They have been working since 2006 in this market.


Having a wide range of installed base of 3 million, before downloading, video manipulation of video is also possible,

The features of videoproc are mentioned below—

  • You can convert the files and even compress them according to your use.
  • They give you many features to edit the video. You can trim, merge, and even rotate the videos.
  • You can also remove noises from the selected videos.

11. DDownr

DDownr is one of the famous free YouTube playlist downloaders. It has a great ranking in Google Chrome. It is an online downloader site. Also check, Best Epub Readers for Android


No registration is required to use their services. One of the youngest downloading sites famed recently.

The main features of the DDownr are mentioned below-

  • Free and easy to use. There is no need to register or install the software.
  • One can download more than 200 videos easily with a single click.
  • You will get the downloaded video in zip format.

12. iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD video downloader is an up-to-date free YouTube playlist downloader. They give an overall perfect experience of downloading the video.

iTube HD Video Downloader

They not only download YouTube playlists, the videos from other sites are also supported.

The detailed features of the iTube HD video are down below-

  • They support more than 10,000 video and audio sites.
  • The quality of the videos stays unchanged and original.
  • They give 3x the speed of downloading even if the bulk is downloading altogether.

13. YouTubNow

Youtubnow is one of the reliable free YouTube playlist downloaders. Other than the playlist downloading they also give the feature of downloading the single YouTube video for free.


They have served for many years.

The feature of YouTube is mentioned below-

  • Easy built-in search engine for users to easily find the particular video and playlist they want to download.
  • Easy-to-use interface with no restriction on downloads, one can easily download bulk on the go.
  • Various outputs are available like MP3, MP4, WebM, etc.
  • No registration is required.


YouTube playlist. cc is specially built as a free YouTube playlist downloader. They started specifically with their services to focus on the download of YouTube playlists and gradually started allowing other formats. logo

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The more detailed features are mentioned below-

  • Can easily manage playlists containing videos in bulk.
  • Also helps in downloading the subtitles from the playlist and even from social media networks.
  • You can enter a list of URLs all together for download.
  • The latest version of the site is easier to use and also has shortcuts for faster use.

FAQs – Download Youtube Playlist

Q1. How can I download a YouTube playlist for free?

Ans. You can easily download a YouTube playlist for free from any Free YouTube playlist downloader available on the server. The free YouTube video downloaders are easy to use.

The first one could open any free YouTube playlist downloader. Then by copy-pasting the URL of the playlist on the browser of the site, one can easily download the playlist.

Q2. What is the best YouTube Playlist Downloader?

Ans. There are many free YouTube playlist downloaders available online. The definition of the best free YouTube video downloaded may differ for everyone respective on their preferences.

There is an online YouTube playlist downloader that provides video in only MP4 format, while there are others who also convert the video in other formats like MPEG-4, Fly, etc.

the best YouTube playlist downloader is one that provides the video in the needed format and less amount of time with satisfying quality of the video.

Q3. How do I download an entire YouTube playlist?

Ans. The procedure of downloading a YouTube playlist is nowhere different from the procedure of downloading a single video.

The only difference is that while copying the YouTube video one has to copy the link of the video and then paste it to the browser of the site and then select the format in which you want them.

Here as we are downloading the YouTube playlist the link of the YouTube playlist is copied to the free YouTube playlist downloader’s browser.

Q4. Which is the best free YouTube downloader?

Ans. There are a variety of free YouTube downloaders available for different devices. The definition of the best free YouTube downloader will vary according to the need.

But for overall experiences, itube HD video downloader is perfect for anyone with their overall performance. If someone is looking for the best free YouTube playlist downloader then YouTube playlist. cc is the best choice because of the high capability to download at the same time.

There is an online YouTube playlist downloader that provides video in only MP4 format, while there are others who also convert the video in other formats like MPEG-4, Fly, etc.

the best YouTube playlist downloader is one that provides the video in the needed format and less amount of time with satisfying quality of the video.

Conclusion | FREE YouTube Playlist Downloader

An endless number of videos are available on YouTube. YouTube is one of the most used tools to share videos with the whole world. One can get maximum exposure for their content through YouTube. There are many videos available on a variety of subjects.

 Many of them will be arranged in the playlist. Downloading a playlist one video at a time may take hours in situations. Then comes the scenario when the need for a free YouTube playlist downloader arises.

 Free YouTube playlist downloader not only helps you in downloading the video. But there is the site that gives you output in varied formats like audio and webM extension.

Here we have mentioned the Best FREE YouTube Playlist Downloader Online which will help you to find your perfect match.

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