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10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs for beginners

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs for beginners

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs: If you are a Gamer or you want to be then, this article is surely advantageous for you.

Today most people are addicted to some kind of online games for their entertainment. But what if they can gain some profit with their habit…

It sounds really cool.. here we are discussing some of the programs, which can help you to make a profile plus they can also Modify your gaming experience.

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

1. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program

Leprestore Gaming affiliate program you can upgrade your gaming characters and gain money as well.

Leprestore gaming affiliate program

It offers gamers to promote their gaming blogs and characters.

2. Razer Affiliate Program

Racer affiliate program is one stop destination for gamers or those who are anyway associated with gaming and all. They have a huge number of gaming products including software, peripheral, and systems.

Razer Affiliate Program

The most important benefit of getting affiliated with this program is it’s free of cost and has tons of logos banners, text links to promote products. And most importantly you can find anything related to gaming over here.

With razer affiliate, you can gain up to 20% on product sale.

3. Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program

Alienware gaming affiliate program was founded in the year 1996. Today it is under the very known brand Dell.  the brand doesn’t need any introduction.

Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program

They consist of their powerful gaming PC’s they are and they started the trend of manufacturing portable gaming laptops.

 One needs to get affiliated with  Dell’s affiliate program to promote Alienware PC’s.

You can earn l commission which is 3% per sale, which is quite poor But considering the high price of Alienware products, you can expect to earn a good amount of fortune through your site.

4. Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program

They offer in-game guides Where one can  gain experience, level up, and earn gold effortlessly and rapidly.They will also assist regarding gaming tectics.

Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program

Zygor Guides gaming affiliate program provides much more higher commission than expectation, which is up to 50%to the publishers.

Because of their incredible services, people love them.

5. Killer Guides Affiliate Program

Killer Guides Affiliate Program fulfills this basic need of gamers. They offer proper guidance to start a game with the right strategy. It is most preferable options for gamers.

Killer Guides Affiliate Program

They provide assistance,  guidance and right strategies for some very popular games like Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Second Life, and many more. Their research is regularly updated as per changing trends and techniques.

 Their high commission of around 40% per sale, to publishers, is also a reason for their popularity.

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6. Nvidia Affiliate Program

The company is widely known for their high-quality GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) that are originally designed for gaming PCs.While Nvidia is has become a popular brand, promoting their products can be a risky deal for any publisher.

Nvidia Affiliate Program

The reason is most people tend to buy their products from bargain retailers, which means there are chances, that they will check your link and purchase them from somewhere else.

7. Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate Program

ModdedZone is the one of the largest  gaming controller modification company. That consists of more than 100 designs.They also have pretty good collection of gaming chairs, which will enhance gaming experience.

Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate Program

Affiliates are going to earn a 10% commission for every sale through their websites. Its is good program to get associated with, of you are in connection of people who are highly interested in gaming.

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8. Bose Affiliate Program

Bose one of the best consumer electronic products manufacturers that provides huge variety  headphones and speakers.They are also good in quality, for hassle free gaming experience.

Bose Affiliate Program

They  commission of  2-3%, which is quite low. But it is a known brand, than you have chances to sale more and make good profit of out of it.

9. Astro Gaming

It is best place for pro gamers, They can get equipped with amazing product like earbuds, headphones, apparel, backpacks,and many more.

Astro gaming aims at taking gaming world to next level. Their affiliate program is managed by AvantLink.

But they offer only 5% commision, which is a bit low in comparison to others.

10. GameFly

Ganefly is heaven for gamers in todays time. They offer most reasonable and modern stuff for gamers.Overall it a one-stop destination for those who are really font of gaming and all.


Most important is their services are open in all over the world. You can gain up to 15%of profit on sale.

Why Are the Affiliate Programs Becoming a Lucrative Business Model?

Today, during pandemic online gaming has become more popular than outdoors. So if you gaining some penny with your entertainment then what else is needed.

If you are aware of gaming, and it tends then you can make a good amount of money with effortless efforts.


Using Online gaming Affiliate Programs and making money out of it is not a simple task; it requires research, consistency, and dedication to maximize input from there.

Hence one should be well aware of technology and current gaming trends before entering this field.

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