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13 Best Free Image hosting sites in 2023

Best Free Image hosting site

“Internal storage Running out”
” Memory full “
” not enough phone storage space!”

These kinds of messages are most common nowadays, even if you have expandable storage devices. 

In this middle of the pandemic where everyone is working from home, it is obvious that their device spaces are running out. Because of the large projects and files that are taking too much space. 

So, if you are also running out of space or somehow your hard disk crashed. Then don’t worry just for the people like you, through this article I will be mentioning some of the best Free image hosting that is easy to use without any technical settings. 

But first, let’s have a look at what exactly image hosting is.

What is Image Hosting?

Image hosting is a platform where an individual can upload or host an image on a website via the internet to store it and share it with others. 

The platform has advanced features like CDN( Content Delivery Network) that accelerates image loading and offers high bandwidth to share the image online without any buffering. Also, get Download free Best FREE YouTube Playlist Downloader Online

best free image hosting sites

It’s the best platform for professional photographers, artists, models, business owners, tourism, and graphic designers that gives new wings to their work. 

Image hosting services are generally free and offer a lot of customizable features like image editing and enhancing, privacy control, sharing across various platforms, etc. 

13 Best Free Image Hosting in 2023

These Free image hostings are handpicked from the Best Free image hosting in 2023. These hosting platforms offer free photo hosting alongside a free image upload system. 

So let’s dive right into them one by one. 

1. Wix

Wix is a free photo hosting platform that doesn’t play with the quality of a photo. So, that it doesn’t affect your visitor’s perspective about your images.  

wix free photo hosting

It gives you the ability to store, share and sell as many photos as you would like for free.


  • Upload images from your device via URL.
  • Sell your photos online
  • Create and share private photo album
  • It offers the best quality for your photos
  • Unlimited storage

2. Google Photos

Google Photos is the Best free image hosting platform which automatically syncs with your Gmail account and saves a lot more time in sharing and accessing images from anywhere on any device.generate temp mail to make spam-free your inbox using Best Free Fake Email Generator.

google photos best free image hosting

Here, you can create collages, and cool animations based on the photos that you have uploaded.

It automatically sorts the content for you by analyzing your activity.


  • It has a backup option that helps in backing up unlimited photos, images, and videos for free, up to 16MP.
  • It manages phone space.
  • Allows you to access your data from any phone, tablet, or computer.
  • You can find your photo according to people, places, and things that matter.
  • Navigate a lifetime of photos with simple gestures.

3. Imgur

Imgur is a widely used image hosting platform that allows users to upload images free of cost and share them with the world. 

imgur free image hosting

Numerous people upload a variety of images including GIFs, Memes and participate in the contest of best and worst images on the internet just for fun.

It allows you to store images as much as you can and access them from anywhere or you can share them with the communities.


  • It has a smooth and user-friendly interface.
  • Offers Phone verification.
  • With an easy drag and drop option, you can upload your files, images, and videos.
  • Reaction GIFs and Auto expand on Desktop.
  • You can upload sound on Imgur

4. Flicker

Flicker is the oldest and most reputed image hosting platform in the market. 

That offers you to upload over 1000 photos or images. Also, check Best Epub Readers for Android 

flicker free image hosting

It’s a kind of platform where you can share your best photos in groups or communities to showcase your talent and get fame in an instant. 

You can visit the professional photographer’s portfolio and check out their work.


  • Offers unlimited storage.
  • Automatic image backup.
  • Preview photo means you explore other photos while scrolling right from your screen.
  • Allows users to filter the pictures and customize the size, orientation, type, color, of an image.
  • You can automatically sync files from third-party platforms such as Dropbox, iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom, and more.

5. 500px

An image hosting platform especially made for professional photographers. It hosts a community of 12 million photographers from different parts of the world. 

500px free image hosting

It allows you to follow your favourite photographer like, share, or comment on their shared images.

Joining this platform will give your photography carrier a new path and a chance to explore the world of photography.


  • Allows you to share high-quality photos
  • Slick and user-friendly interface
  • Specially made for photographers.
  • Explore the community of passionate photographers
  • 500px has the products and features to take photography to the next level.

6. Imgbox

Imgbox doesn’t belong in the category of those complicated image hosting interfaces. 

imgbox free image hosting

It is by far the simplest and easy-to-use image hosting site. That comes with unlimited storage support. 

It offers hotlinks, along with HTML and BB codes to upload images on any website. 


  • It Supports Hotlinking
  • You can upload up to 10MB of  file size
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • It has unlimited free storage space

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is one the safest image hosting platform that stores images on the cloud. You just have to simply drop your image and access it from anywhere on any device.

The best part of Dropbox is that it allows you to share your image as well as the folder with your friends via shareable links. 

dropbox free image hosting

It comes with an option to sync your mobile camera with Dropbox so that your recently clicked photos are automatically stored in it.  


  • It supports cross-platform devices which means using Dropbox you can sync data to any device.  
  • The size limit for files or photos should be a minimum of 50 GB.
  • It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.
  • It gathers your content in one place.
  • It shows notifications of updates.

8. PostImage

PostImage is a versatile and popular image hosting platform. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows you to upload multiple images at once, and resize them, whenever you want with any device you have.

postimage free image web hosting

Moreover, you can choose the time limit to store your photos online. 

It is by far the most advanced image hosting platform that I have come across.


  • Quick image sharing
  • Allows you to upload multiple images at the same time
  • Packed with lots of editing tools like cropping, watermarking, shadow effect 
  • and many more
  • It provides the fastest way to customize the screenshot
  • Global hotkeys to activate screen capturing instantly

9. ImageShack

Once ImageShack was on the top list of best free image hosting sites. But after 2015 it discontinued serving as a free service. But still, it has its value in the market. 

imageshac free image hosting

Imageshack offers a 30 days trial to newly registered users to check out all the premium features without paying a single penny. 

Undoubtedly it is loaded with lots of amazing features that are worth paying for.


  • Share photos easily via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more social platforms.
  • Download images quickly.
  • Easy to post links for forums and websites.
  • Follow friends, family & professional photographers and look into their feeds.
  • Automatic backups

10. Smugmug

Smugmug is a perfect platform for those who want to make money by selling their images. 

Alongside it also offers some common features like pixel care, uploading an image, storing an image, sharing via links, and many more. It can work as both an image hosting site and a sales platform.

smugmug free image hosting

Wanna make some money from your images then go grab it for free. 


  • It allows you to upload unlimited photos and videos.
  • It is fully compatible with any device
  • It allows you to add photos, and videos to other websites
  • Fully SEO optimized tools, including meta tags and XML sitemaps
  • Allows you to share photos

11. iCloud 

As the name suggests, iCloud is a cloud-based image hosting platform. That is managed by Apple. inc. It saves your images on the cloud and gives you access to retrieve them whenever you want. 

icloud free image hosting

This platform is available for Mac, and Windows and is loaded with lots of features. After all, Apple is famous for its advanced features.


  • It provides 5GB of free iCloud storage.
  • You can upload a file up to 15 GB.
  • Allows numerous people to together by simply sending a link.
  • You can collaborate with numbers, Keynotes, Pages, and Notes.

12. Cluster 

Cluster is a private image hosting platform and is designed to share images with friends and family. 

cluster free image hosting

Along with basic features like storing image and sharing it. It also has an invite option. Which only invited people are allowed to see the post.

It is available for web, ios, and Android devices.


  • It allows you to create albums for the photos you like.
  • It allows you to invite people.
  • It has a feature of share and commenting to connect you with numerous people.
  • Available in the form of  mobile apps

13. Terabox

Terabox is an easy-to-use free image hosting platform. That comes up with the drag and drop option for uploading an image. Also, check What is Big Data and Why is it Important?

It has a fast uploading server called Voxel CDN network that offers high bandwidth for uploading an image on its server. And its features are both free and paid. 


  • 1024 GB of cloud storage
  • Play video & audio with multi-speed
  • Auto backup video & folder
  • No ads
  • Locked box for private storage

FAQ’s– Best Free Image hosting sites

Where can I host images for free?

You can opt for numerous free image hosting platforms like

  • Dropbox
  • Google Photos
  • Cluster
  • Smugmug 

And many more.

Does Google do image hosting?

Yes, Google has its own image hosting platform called Google Photos and is free for everyone.

Does Photobucket still exist?

Yes, Photobucket still exists but I have dropped its free service.

Conclusion – Best Free Image hosting sites

The pain of Losing a precious photograph can feel unbearable sometimes. Because a lot of emotions were attached to it. 

So, to lower your pain, above I have mentioned some of the best free Image hosting platforms that not only automatically backup your image but provide numerous customizable features. So that your image doesn’t lose its shine. 

Try them out; they are free and have an easy and user-friendly interface. 

Just drag your photos and upload them on these platforms without any privacy issues.

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