What is Big Data and Why is it Important?

What is Big Data

 “What is big data?” many askes. Big data is a trendy word but many might find it hard to get a proper meaning of big data. The technicalities and complex words usually makes it harder to get the real meaning of the big data.

So here we have come up with an article consisting of answers related to questions to big data. This article is done after a proper research to fetch you the precise meaning of the big data in simple words.

The use of big data is not only limited to a few domains. It has a greater impact on business. The term big data is not even new to this world. Earlier there were different instruments used at the place of big data.

To make it easier to understand we have also included a few examples at places.

What is Big Data?

To make you understand what big data is, let’s see an example, just assume you run a departmental store. So what will you do to understand your customer? A tally sheet will be your best friend to understand your customers and their needs.                                                                               

Basically big data is an advanced version of a tally sheet. Big data has a huge storage and advanced level of data storage like likes, dislikes, preferences and other. Big data also offers great statistical power and also deals with more complex data. 

What is Big Data?

The big data comes in the use of big industries and well-established online businesses to understand their customers. 

Big data is the only reason why you receive calls from numerous life insurance agencies and mobile notifications of various offers on your demanded product.

Why Big Data?

Big data is an essential tool for industries and customers both. Big data creates a better linkage between the consumer and the supplier.

Big data helps business to deeply understand its customer’s interest and personality. Having big data is highly beneficial for better reach and understanding their customer.

Why Big Data?

 Big data is not only useful to businesses and suppliers, it is a two way thing. It helps the customer to get what they want from businesses. 

For example, if you are a customer and you don’t like to buy white bread, you tell the shopkeeper to provide you with brown bread. This data will help the supplier to provide brown bread to you.

Similarly through the data the industries receive from you will help them to satisfy your needs in a proper way, Also Get Read How to Buy web Hosting using Bitcoin.

 What is the Importance of Big Data?

Big data is a really important gadget for any supplier to reach organic leads. The importance of big data can only be understood by exploring the 3V’s. These 3 V’s are what help us to understand big data features. Get Start with Django VPS Hosting

For 3 V’s what we meant is volume, variety and velocity.

 What is the Importance of Big Data? What is Big Data

Only by reading the three words they might send you into the zone of high school physics, but don’t worry, they are different from the one we studied back in school. 

To understand the meaning of these features of the big data read below.

  •      Volume

From volume here what we meant is the capacity of storage. The volume denotes the quantity of data that can be stored. The volume of data is usually in terabytes and petabytes. 

This volume of data either be given by the customer or could be automatically generated by the machines.

 The bigger it will be, the more useful it will be for the industries to understand their customer. More volume of data is the key to reaching more leads.

  • Variety

From variety here what we meant is the variety of data that has been stored. The different types of data like documents, face recognition, social networks, income, social network reach etc.

The variety of content is what riches the quality of the data.

The more variety of data there is, the better understanding of customer behaviour will happen. Variety of data helps in reaching the organic lead.

  • Velocity

In the 21st century nothing is useful if it is not fast. So with the big data. Velocity is the speed through which big data is received by the industries. The velocity of the data is what may differ from a few milliseconds to hours irrespective of the type of big data.

The velocity of the data unsure industries to reach their customer at the time of their need. 

For example, continuing from the previous example if you have the need to have bread the next day and after that it will be no use, so it is the velocity of data that will help the shopkeeper to make brown bread available at the time of need of its customer.

These are the importance of big data that will help you to get a better understanding. Big data is really important to stand out in contemporary competition.

What are the Benefits of Real-time Big Data Analytics?

Real-time big data analysis is another trendy word in the field of data. Before understanding the benefits of the data let just know about real-time big data analytics.

Real-time big data analytics is what helps the business to make faster decisions. Real-time big data analytics processes the given big data to filter only the use and need data from that huge volume of data.

What are the Benefits of Real-time Big Data Analytics?

Big data can never be operated through the usual computers. Big data is operated by real-time processing engines. 

Real-time big data analytics takes time according to the various filtration settings. The time for output may differ from a few seconds to hours.

The real-time big data analytics has various benefits, few of them are mentioned below.

  • Faster decision making- the real-time big data analytics helps to get the necessary output from the terabytes of data. This helps to make faster decisions required for the business. The real-time big data analytics help to save time for processing of data to get the needed answer in minutes.
  • Helpful in adopting new policies- the real-time big data analytics helps to know the minute details about their customer.
  •  For example, in ecommerce sites if hundreds of people have visited the same product but after some extent they have not purchased them through real-time big data analytics the retailer will get know about the behaviour of their customer and then he can add related discounts and sale of the product to satisfy their needs.
  • Helps in satisfying long-term needs- the real-time data analytics helps in achieving long term goals of a business. The goals like more regular customers and most purchases there year can only be achieved through real-time big data analytics.

The real-time big data analytics helps in better understanding their customer’s behaviour in faster manners which helps in satisfying their need in a much more precise manner.

What are the Job Opportunities of Big Data?

Big data is one of the new upcoming streams of industries. As the term, big data itself came into existence in the 1990s. There are many corners of the world still unknown about big data.

What are the Job Opportunities of Big Data?

In India, the sector of big data has come into significance in the last few years. Because of having such great importance and value in today’s digital. Also, read Best Nvme VPS Hosting, The Job opportunities in big data sectors are increasing, Watch Free Online Movies using SolarMovies and It’s Popular Alternative

Because of their sudden advancements and demand in the field. There are many posts that will pay you a great salary in the sector of big data.

 So here we have given a few job posts in the sector of big data which will help you to find your best match before entering into this field. 

  • Big data engineers
  •  Big data architect
  •  Database developer
  •   Database administrator.
  •   Data scientist.

There are endless other posts on which one can work according to their qualification and experience.


Why is big data important?

The big data is the huge amount of data that helps the business to understand the demands of their consumer. Big data is an essential tool for better understanding as well as to get better reach to the concerned customer.

Big data helps to make precise decisions to achieve the ultimate goal of the business.

What is big data and why does it matter?

Big data is the huge amount of data available in a variety of forms to understand the customer’s behaviour. Big data helps in making a presence in front of the organic customer.

 By understanding the behaviour of their customer businesses can make a greater impact on their customer.

What is big data and how is it used?

Big data is the data in the measurement of terabytes and petabytes about the customer. Big data cannot be operated or cannot be used by simply ordinary computers.

 Special big data real-time processing engines that help to fetch the necessary details form these huge amounts of data.

What do you mean by big data?

Big data is the variety of data in the form of pdf, documents, audios, likes and dislikes on social media. Big data is there in huge amounts. 

The big data cannot be used by usual computers; they need special real-time processing engines to operate.


Big data is the huge amount of data in a variety of forms. Big data is one of the most important pillars to stand any e-business in today’s contemporary competition.

What is big data will be a big confusion among the newcomers in this field and there will be some curiosity to know about it. 

So here we have covered all related topics of big data like “what is big data?’ ‘What is the importance of big data?’ “What is real-time big data analytics?” “Benefits of real-time big data analytics?” “What are the various job opportunities in big data?” 

This article will help to get a better understanding of all the questions related to big data. This article consists of easy to understand language.

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