best hosting Review: Is it the best VPS Hosting Solution 2024? Review 2024: Are you looking for the best solution for VPS Hosting in 2024 without any hidden charges and terms & Conditions? Stay tuned with us, we have just the right VPS solution for you.

VPS- Virtual Private Server Hosting is a must-have for any important website. To take your company or business to new heights, it is crucial to have access to the right hosting service.

While there are many top-notch VPS hosting providers like YouStable, Interserver and a variety of other hosting companies available online. But confusion arises about which will be the best suited for you.

So, today we will give you an honest review.

Founded in 2010, is a Dutch hosting provider that specializes in providing customers with dedicated servers with instant setup and an automated platform with enough features to virtually do anything

This review will assist the audience in making an educated decision on their premium packages.

For the purpose of this review, we hosted a website with the company and set up our team of experts to monitor and continuously analyze the various performance-based aspects.

Our experts then presented us with a 4S analysis for the review. (We will tell you all about the 4S analysis later in this review).

Now that we have got that sorted, let’s get started with the Snel review. Review 2024 has created a place for itself in the web hosting industry due to its insanely presumably above par hosting services, especially VPS Hosting. Review 2023

In this review, we will address and verify if the company actually matches up the claims head-on-head through our popular 4S analysis.

The 4S are the key deciding elements of whether you should go for a hosting company or not.

They are:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support
  • Server Uptime

Speed test for Review

If you have read our review articles before, you might know that we do a few speed tests to determine the site speed of the website we host with the hosting provider.

VPS Benchmark Test

We perform basic tests before recommending you a Hosting company that you can rely on, benchmark tests for the VPS and Dedicated server is the initial thing we do.

We purchased’s 4GB RAM VPS and tested it for over 30 days, we have installed CentOS 7 on this virtual machine which has 2 vCores as you can see in this screenshot.

Snel VPS Download Speed

The location of the VPS is in the Netherlands and we have performed these tests from an Indian location, speed could vary depending on your location.

We recommend you perform basic tests with any provider before making the purchase.

The download speed isn’t that appealing in the picture however when I confirmed with the DC, they said it’s connected with a 1GBPS uplink port which is a premium bandwidth port in the industry.

We hosted a simple static website and a WordPress installation with LEMP (Nginx) the performance is up to the mark and haven’t noticed any speed issues.

Snel VPS latency Test

We already talked about how important Web Hosting location is for your website in our previous article, you can check if you are not sure about this.

In terms of loading speed and SEO benefits server response time is an important factor which you must look at before hosting your important web assists.

We performed the Traceroute test on this VPS (Virtual Private Server) from Lucknow India and here are the reports for the same.

SEO Experts and IT experts consider Web Hosting services with the lowest response time and they confirm that less than 200MS is best. Snel isn’t Snail because most of the Responses are less than 200MS those are good signs of a reliable hosting provider.

Security Analysis for Review

One thing we want to also mention is that Fully Managed VPS Hosting is most secure and valuable than shared hosting.

So, it is better to opt for any VPS hosting solution to manage your website. also offers free Cloud VPS hosting for you to try before you purchase their services. offers Windows Server 2024, which has new security measures. A new set of host intrusion prevention capabilities known as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) has been implemented in this version. 

This precautionary protection measurement monitors the server from malware and stops processes that are possibly dangerous. 

Additionally, it also includes attack detection and zero-day exploits. 

Another security feature that we would like to highlight is the HGS offline mode for shielded VMs. This feature allows you to turn on your virtual machines even when HGS can’t be reached.

Server Uptime for Review

The 99.9% network server uptime is guaranteed from Cloud VPS Hosting. 

However, in shared hosting sometimes the uptime gets disturbed which is restored immediately. Thus, it is recommended to all website holders use dedicated hosting so that the server uptime will not get disturbed that as claimed by

Support for Review

To avoid any type of trouble in the hosting server of the user website, 24X7 support is available from

Besides the VPS Hosting some of the website holders also use Linux VPS Hosting which is at the highest level for support and service.

Starting from network support and up to contact support every feature is available in this hosting service provider company. For any confusion and to troubleshoot a service from you can directly reach them following the sources given below.


The average email ticket response time is 30 minutes by a human, not an automated system. I tried to reach their telephone support from my Indian mobile number 2 times but wasn’t connected due to some technical reasons.

Quick Chat Support: 

Chat support is comparatively fast with big giants such as GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost, I got connected with their agent (Taner) within a minute. chat support
Quick Chat Support

Services offered by

The special service for extraordinary people is delivered by SNEL.COM. There are various pretty words available to say for the people who want the hosting service from this company. The service agent of this company has the best plans to hike your business in the best way they can.

That the old experience in the way of your business gets changed to an updated one which makes everything easier to run than earlier.

The purpose of this company is to deliver fast service and to make people satisfied to run their business smoothly. The right VPS Hosting solution is available here only.

Configuration and Hosting Plans

For the best I/O experience, says to use SSD Only. To achieve high performance and to reject hardware failure it is better to use the SSD drives and Intel Xeon Processors in VPS hosting. 

  • CPU Cores – 1 Xeon Core – Up to 2 Cores
  • Memory – 1GB Memory Up to 4GB
  • Storage – 100GB SSD Only, Up to 300GB
  • Snapshot – 1 Snapshot Up to 2
  • Bandwidth – 2TB Traffic at 1 Gbps Uplink

But if these resources are not enough for you they have custom plans that you can adjust as per your need and budget.

Most of their Cloud VPS get set up instantly (OS Installation takes about 15 minutes) after you place a successful order.

If you ordered any Panel with your Cloud VM you need to ask them to install that for you or you may opt for their managed services which may cost you much higher.

Final Words about Snel Hosting

We have been testing their services for the last 30 days. The services and support are very promising for small and mid-range web assets.

No doubt companies like are improving day by day but the companies under the EIG group are performance-wise going down so at least you get the service that you pay for including Level 2 technical support at $99/ hour is worth it.

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