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How to start a beauty blog and make money with A2hosting

How to Start a Beauty Blog

Creating a beauty blog is an easy and fun way to share knowledge and secrets with your readers while trying new products and techniques from the world of cosmetics and style.

People are put off by the idea of ​​learning how to blog because of far-fetched difficulties, but it’s not difficult, and we’ll show you How to start a beauty blog and make money with A2 Hosting.

Internet Research About Online Beauty Blog 

The Beauty Blog is the place to find posts related to beauty, makeup, look and style. Becoming a successful beauty blogger requires patience, dedication and a sincere love for all things beauty.

Although the road to fame on the Internet takes a while, the effort ultimately pays off.

Although beauty blogging is quite a competitive field, believe me, once you are successful, then this can be a real game-changer for you.

Start a Beauty Blog With 5 Easy Steps

Here are five simple steps that I have listed in which you can create and monetize your beauty blog.

#1. Choose a micro-niche (Look, Hairstyle, Makeup, Lips care etc.)

Before starting a blog, determine the angle. Why is choosing a niche or theme for a beauty blog the first and main step?

If you look at the statistics of the blogosphere, you will be horrified by the number of blogs that float on the Internet.

A blog that specializes in a narrow direction gets a good chance of success. You can always expand your reach, but for now, stop at a narrow gap.

Think about what the next irresistible beauty blog will be.

Having a speciality will help you differentiate your blog from others, as well as attract suitable readers who are more likely to return to your blog over and over again.

Niche Beauty includes tons of options for expansion.

Micro Niche  – a niche, where you start to start a beauty blog. It is easier to survive the competition when you have chosen a narrow niche and declare yourself an expert on a certain topic.

Here are a few beauty blog topics to get you started.

Hair Care 

Haircare is still an overwhelming topic for one blogger. To be specific, get creative with your content. For example, focus only on hair care. Leave styling, haircuts and the like for future posts.

Write articles only with this topic. Then, move on to the big money pages. For example, tops and lists: “Top 10 conditioners for dry hair.”  Such articles will be competitive.


The makeup niche can be easily broken down into sections. The idea behind this lucrative beauty niche is to find products to promote. Then write or create useful content about makeup practices.

YouTube and YouTube ads will become the right place to create content. It will be a fantastic resource for this niche.

You will gradually lead the audience through the process of choosing, applying and matching makeup.

Nail Care

At first glance, it seems like a narrow micro-niche, but it has an incentive to grow and support a full-fledged beauty blog.

The beauty in this niche is how versatile a blog can be if you master the topic. 

The niche is growing and expanding in several directions. At first, only focus on nail health. 

Write 30-50 articles on this topic before moving to the next nail-based level or jumping to another area.


This niche focuses on hairstyling. This is a popular destination for beauty bloggers.

The hairstyle blog is popular on YouTube and Instagram, showing new styling styles. YouTube or Instagram will become the priority content platform. 

Skin Care

A skincare blog that focuses on beauty will feature moisturizers, creams, and lotions.

A skincare blog will benefit, but try to stay away from the health niche.

Natural Beauty

The time has come to start a beauty blog in this niche that is taking off and gaining popularity. 

People leave behind the old paths of what is considered the standard and make their own way.

Topics and materials you will type on the thesis, which you write about for that particular micro-niche.

Another aspect is that users tend to view natural cosmetics through unrealistic expectations:

  • Wrinkles will be smoothed overnight
  • Bald will become hairy

#2- Choose a Perfect Domain name for your Beauty Blog

Choosing a memorable domain name is a crucial step in creating a beauty blog.


Want readers to understand who the author is, what the blog is about, and why they read the posts.

Not easy to come up with, but if you take the time to consider your options, you can come up with an appropriate name for your new blog.

Although creative names are popular in the beauty niche, they also use their own name for the name of the beauty blog.

Beauty blogs with a wider audience have funny and catchy names. While those that don’t target a mass audience use intriguing or even classic names.

Buy Best Hosting for your Successful Online Beauty Blog

Choosing the best Hosting is the most crucial step in setting up your beauty blog.

You can choose from the plethora of hosting options available.

Here I have listed steps to buy hosting from A2 Hosting in case you are willing to explore this hosting option. 

Steps To Buy Hosting From A2Hosting

  • Then choose “WordPress Hosting”
  •  Now click on the “Get Startup” button
  • Decide how your Billing Cycle is going to be
  • Next on the page, you will be given three options.A2Hosting gives the DNS Management and Email Forwarding for free for the first year. You can choose to have these options.
Start a beauty Blog
  • Review & Checkout. Now sit back and relax.

Setup a Perfect Beauty Blog on WordPress

The point is, a beauty blog is a visual blog that requires a lot of videos and photos.

Here, Unfortunately, free options lose. You can start developing your project, but then you have to move.

The desire to monetize a beauty blog will require this step. Therefore, consider WordPress as a host site when starting a beauty blog.

This is of course the best option because:

  • User friendly 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Functional 
  • Available plugins

All responsibility for maintaining the work of the blog lies with you personally, if you have not chosen managed hosting, then your blog will suffer.

How do Beauty Bloggers Make Money?

There are many ways by which beauty bloggers earn money. I have listed some of them below:

Online E-store

Bloggers display a variety of products on the e-shops. The products are then linked with blogs using a plugin. 

Brand Collaboration

Brand Collaboration is another way to make money. By collaboration, you can create awareness and launch new products and seduce people to buy them.

Products Review

Now, this is a bit trickier. At first you need to buy the products yourself and write a review on it.

But if your blog becomes successful the companies will provide you free samples for the review articles.

Affiliate Marketing

They also earn through affiliate programs in which bloggers make money by promoting products.

They earn a commission for every person who purchases the promoted cosmetic Product.

Google Ads

At the beginning of the journey, advertising with beauty bloggers comes first.

Blogging people generate most of their ad revenue, and most start with Google Adsense.

Bloggers get paid when a reader clicks on a banner or visits a page, so the more visitors a blog gets, the higher the income for the Blogger.

Final Words

This was all about How to start a beauty blog. Beauty bloggers have a wealth of knowledge about hairstyle, cosmetics, skincare and fashion.

So, if you have such knowledge don’t just keep it to yourself. Share what you know with the world. Happy Blogging!

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