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Free AngularJs Hosting 2024: Host Angular App for Free


Free AngularJs Hosting 2024: Have you ever thought of making an application?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you might know that it is a rewarding and fascinating experience for everyone out there.

This can be for having fun for knowledge or financial rise. But, at the same time establishing an application is a challenging task and requires a lot of funds.

There are many application systems through which one can make an application.

The best method for the same is selecting Free AngularJs Hosting.

This article will help in picking out the finest AngularJs hosting provider for free.

You can feel free to host the AngularJs without any problems with the website development service.

Free AngularJs Hosting In 2024

#1 LocalHost

Local Host is the first and foremost choice for free AngularJs list of hosting. One of the best approaches for hosting the angular application is to host them locally.

This method is the best hack and a lot of times it has been proven beneficial in the building.

It strengthens the code as well. Establishment of building the angular project in advance can be proven good and error-free, if it has been tested with the execution of command ng serve.

For undertaking the process, there is a requirement of building the code for angularjs by the ng serve-prod.

One can involve the usage of base href tag, which helps in assigning a base address for the code, or either way you might have added it in the index.html to /.

In case, you did not obtain any errors then feel lucky as your establishment might have been created in the distinct folder.

If you are associated with Linux, then there might be a possibility that you have heard of the Http server that undertakes the creation of the local server for any folder that is required.

If not, then there can be installed through command npmi Http server.

Shortly, after the installation ends, one can manually navigate towards the build directory and make use of the command Http server ./ that can route the established files present on the default port 8080.

Make use of Http server -p 1010 ./ for running the server on various ports. Now, all you need to do is visit the localhost 8080/ to find the angular js application which is hosted successfully.

#2 FireBase

FireBase is another free Angularjs hosting application that delivers quick and secure hosting for a web application like the angular application, dynamic, static and microservices.

Firebase hosting showcases production-grade web application content that is further hosted for the developers.

Firebase hosting is a wholly managed hosting service for the content that is static and dynamic as well as microservices.

Hosting of Firebase displays production-grade web application content hosting for the developers.

This service is held up with the help of SSD storage and global CDN which is also known as a content delivery network.

The zero-configuration SSL is made upon the Firebase Hosting so the content is most of the time delivered securely.

The process of hosting includes:

  • After building, host the API, forms, and microservices
  • Host the single page web applications, static assets, marketing websites, and dynamic assets.
  • Addition of custom domain or subdomain
  • Keeping all the websites in one place
  • Automation of constant deployment accompanied by Cloud Build
  • Restriction access and counter the DDoS attack for the web pages
  • Customization of every need, be it the headers, rewrites, error pages, caching and the CDN behaviour
  • Deployment to the firebase from many web-based IDEs
  • Building deep integrations with the other firebase services
  • Creation of custom deployment workflow with the usage of REST API and the node.js modules.

#3 GoogieHost: Best for Free Angularjs Hosting

GoogieHost is regarded as the highest growing free web hosting and free angularjs hosting organization in India.

It is a popular one for providing cost-effective AngularJs website hosting services around the globe.

These are not just a brand that showers free AngularJs hosting services to the customers, but the one that bestows eventual free angular js hosting services that are full of famous cPanel “direct admin” for the management of the web applications.


It is accompanied by the free web hosting SSD that is boosted, the website builder, webmails, attracting the tools of search engine optimization, quicker databases, and many unique things.

The features of Free AngularJs Hosting services are as follows:

  • SSD storage worth 1000 MB
  • Free, which means no ads
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Free mails for business
  • Free subdomains
  • Two fttp accounts and databases
  • Can be scaled simply
  • Free SSL and domains
  • Free support of help desk
  • Hotlink protection
  • Online file manager
  • Protection of spam

#4 Cloud Storage

Usage of Github pages for hosting the free angularjs application. The front end project code like the angular js application is present on Github through which it can be hosted with the usage of GitHub pages.

One of the huge merits of owning it is it can be hosted for free which is the best thing. There is also an availability of a Github pages domain which is further hosted on HTTPS.

One of the difficult things that happen under the same is flexibility issues. For the website to be extra basic that has an index.html file on the root of the development, several JS/CSS/ resources of image and no presence of build system, Github can work quite well.

Greater projects also often have involvement of complex directory layouts like the pre-built src directory that contains the source code modules, a directory of node_modules containing the dependencies present outside, and a different public directory that has the presence of built website files.

These projects are problematic in configuration, as in for working rightly with GitHub pages as it is configured for serving by the root of the repository.

It has the GH pages website which serves the public’s project and dist subdirectory, however, it has the requirement of setting up a git subtree for the directory prefix which is a complex task.

For better progressive projects, the usage of cloud storage service is regarded as greener and renders higher flexibility.

#5 Docker

Make use of docker for hosting various low traffic applications on an individual device.

Sometimes you might have various back end applications for running, however each of them without the demanding CPU or a footprint of memory.


On such grounds, it can be a meritorious cost-cutting move for running all the angular js applications on a similar machine rather than running each of them on separate orders.

But, still, it can be difficult, if the projects have different dependencies or have a need to run on various operating system deliveries.

Docker is mainly a containerization engine that gives the delivery of sophisticated answers for such issues.

For making the web application of angularjs work with the help of Docker, you can write a docker file for including the source code, that specifies the base operating system and provides orders that set up the angular project and the dependencies.

The deriving container of Docker can be used on any kind of operating system which makes it easy for constant management of development plus production environments, plus avoiding the conflicts of dependencies as well.

It is basically a tool that allows the users to write a file of configuration for running multiple containers of Docker one at a time.

The same turn it simpler for running various lightweight applications like the angularjs applications, database containers, services present on the system without being tensed about the conflicts.

The process can save a lot of time and money, in case you are up for taking the time to become familiar with the tools that are full of good knowledge in the beginning, at least.

For bringing in more joy with the right angularjs hosting solution, for more than a decade the A2 hosting has been the finest and famous hosting provider.

#6 A2Hosting: Cheap AngularJs Hosting

A2Hosting is regarded as the easiest setup which provides brilliant up times with which the users can create a website in a short time period.

This host is considered one of the finest options for hosting the Angular applications also.

The prices hosted by it are quite general and begin at $3.92 each month.

It is also called the finest Javascript Library hosting providers that have superb customer support services.


A2 renders a devoted page for the angularjs web hosting which has the presence of every detail related to the angular js given by them.

It supports the angular javascript for the shared hosting plan and it also gives VPS accompanied with a dedicated plan for hosting.

A2Hosting is the best framework that gives various shared hosting plans and rates begin from the same price as mentioned before.

You can also check here the A2Hosting review & what Internet users say about that cheap angular hosting provider.

The different kinds of hosting plans that are formulated by it are Swift, Turbo and Lite.

One can freely choose any of the ones as per their needs and requirements. 

#7 FastComet

There are lots of hosting and out of them, Fast Comet is regarded as the finest one with the greatest features plus benefits.

One of the most modernized features is an attractive element in terms of security and personalizations.

It is not just used by the owners of websites, but also by many professional webmasters.


The webmasters are making use of the entire hosting solution for different applications and software for running personalized applications depending upon the needs.

After observing a steady high in the Fast Comet plans that are quite inexpensive. They bring in an extent of versatility that cannot be seen anywhere else.

The host is the best and one-stop solution for all the processing needs. Installation, deployment and running of applications are way too simpler currently which is operated within the software based on the needs and choices of the users.

With various business houses plus enterprises using the Fast Comet and enjoying the higher page performances of the web with the help of SSD drives and super cache plugin that level up the loading speed for the pages.

A large number of resources are allocated to the owners of the website that counts in the list of the finest angular js hosting providers.

Before choosing fastcomet as your angular js hosting provider please check Fastcomet review & what customer says about that.

Well, there are tons of host angular free applications that can help you out in the best way possible.

So, now it depends completely upon you to choose the right one for your business!

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