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Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to Join In 2023


Best web hosting affiliate programs: Are you looking for the best way of earning money online and confused about which one to choose? Here you are going to know the best way to make money with your blogs or website. If you don’t have any, Don’t worry, it will work the same for you. 

The best solution for earning handsome money with less effort is Affiliate marketing, a $12 billion industry. There are plenty of different Affiliate programs you can choose from. Today, we will talk about Web hosting affiliate programs because it has a better outcome than other affiliate programs. 

Do you know that 81% of the marketers and 84% of the publishers use affiliate marketing as an active and passive source of income? The best part is that you can do this from your home, PC, and even Smartphone without paying a single penny. 

We will discuss everything related to Web hosting affiliate platforms, What is a web hosting affiliate and Why to choose one? For your ease, I’m going to mention the top five web hosting affiliate programs in 2023. So without any delay, Let’s get started. 

Now when they purchase that particular service, you get a percentage of their product value as commission. Now the commission rates differ for every web hosting affiliate program.

What is a web hosting affiliate program?

Web hosting is the key to running a website. In simpler words, Web hosting services help to keep your website available on the internet where users can find and visit your website. Now to run those, there are multiple web hosting companies providing web hosting services. 

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

To maximize their users and visibility, they run Affiliate programs. Now how does this work? It’s nothing different from usual affiliate programs; you can promote their products on your website and forward your traffic to their website. 

Why Promote Web Hosting Affiliates?

As I have told you, there are many different Affiliate programs, but why promote Web hosting Affiliates? Well, the first thing is profit. Imagine getting $1 for a particular task, and with the same effort, you can get $10; which one will you choose? The second one. 

A web hosting affiliate program lets you earn from $25, and it goes up to $5000 per sale depending on which program you are joining. Some web hosting providers give you a recurring commission which means it’s not once you’ll get paid for the sale; it will continue. Now you can earn $1000 by generating ten sales of Interservers! Here you can also read, Best Unlimited cPanel Web Hosting.

The second reason is you always want to sell a product which has a requirement in the market. Talking about Web hosting, it’s one of the essential services this time as we are in a phase of digitization. 

Every company and individual is building their web presence to grow their products and services. So there is a high demand for web hosting providers. If you choose a web hosting affiliate program, you are also making a future proof source of income as it will not be irrelevant anytime soon. 

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Now check out the best web hosting affiliates and start earning a handsome amount every time you make a sale.

Web HostingFeaturesCommissionAffiliate
kamatera-logo1. $20-250 per referral.
2. Timely and accurate payments.
3. 365 days cookie duration.
$20 – $250 per saleJoin Now
interserver logo1. $100 per customer.
2. Payments over Paypal.
3. Ninety days referral period.
4. Custom coupon codes.
up to $1000 for 10 sales
Join Now
YouStable logo1. $10 for signing up.
2. Minimum $50 for payout.
3. Monthly payout system.
25% commission rate.
Join Now
A2hosting1. 90 days cookie life.
2. Monthly Payments on the 15th
3. Second tier commision.
$55 (1-10 sales)
$75 (11-15 sales)
$100 (16-20 sales)
$125 ( 21+ sales)
Join Now
WPXhosting logo1. Custom coupon codes to gain more leads.
2. 35 days payout.
3. Direct skype call to your assistant from 4. Monday to Friday.
$70 per sale (1-25 referrals)
$85 per sale (26-100 referrals)
$100 per sale (100+ referrals)
Join Now

#1. Kamatera

Kamnatera is one of the leading cloud-based service providers in the world. They also provide Web hosting services, and you can pick their affiliate programs to fill up your wallet quickly.

You can promote their web hosting plans on your blogs and earn from $20 to $250 per sale as commission

Kamatera web hosting affiliate program

The best part is your affiliate cookies are valid up to 365 days, which means when someone signs up, you have one year to get profit whenever the user is qualified for their CPA. You can track your incoming traffic, signups and active users in real-time. 

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  • $20-250 per referral.
  • Timely and accurate payments. 
  • 365 days cookie duration. 

 #2. Interserver

One of the highest-paying web hosting platforms which you can join for free. Interserver distributed over $500000 to their best affiliate marketer last year. You can earn up to $100 for each sale of their web hosting plans. 

Interserver web hosting affiliate program

Now that’s not the end; joining Interserver affiliate programs will not only help you with earning a commission. They will provide you with an Affiliate assistant to help you out with your affiliate journey. 

It’s a platform where you can improve your skills and strategies at the same time while filling up your bucket. The affiliate cookies have a 90 days lifetime meaning your affiliate link will be valid for 90 days. You can quickly get your revenue in your Paypal account. 


  • $100 per customer.
  • Payments over Paypal.
  • Custom coupon codes.

#3. YouStable

The third one on the list is an Indian web hosting provider based in Lucknow. You don’t need any technical knowledge to join their affiliate program, totally free of cost. They will be providing you with a range of banners and textual links, which you have to place between your blogs or website. 


When a visitor clicks your link, they will be redirected to their website and tracked by their affiliate software. If your user purchases any plans, you will get your commission as per the commission rates. The best part is you’ll get a $10 bonus for joining their affiliate program. You need to earn a minimum of $50 for payout. 


  • $10 for signing up.
  • Minimum $50 for payout.
  • Monthly payout system.
  • 25% recurring commission.

#4. A2 Hosting

If you want to pile up your earnings fast, you should check out A2 hosting affiliate programs. You can promote them over blogs, or you can simply refer your friends, family, website visitors, and social media followers A2 Hosting.


Just like Interserver, A2 hosting also paid over $500000 to their top affiliates. 

The best part about A2 hosting is you can increase your commission by selling more. Let’s take a look at that –

Let’s have a look

  • $55 (1-10 sales)
  • $75 (11-15 deals)
  • $100 (16-20 deals)
  • $125 ( 21+ deals) 

#5. WPX hosting

Now let’s come to the last one on the list, WPX hosting, a web hosting provider based in Bulgaria. WPX hosting users get added to their affiliate program automatically; if you are not, you can sign up for the p if you are not a program. You will get payments every month in your Paypal wallet. 


They will provide you with custom coupon codes for your users; this will help you add more users to your sales. Like A2 hosting, the commission rate increases as you sell more in more numbers. Also Get Best Free Fake Email Generator

Let’s have a look

  • $70 per sale (1-25 referrals)
  • $85 per sale (26-100 referrals)
  • $100 per sale (100+ referrals)


  • Custom coupon codes to gain more leads.
  • 35 days payout.
  • Direct skype call to your assistant from Monday to Friday.


Which is the best web hosting affiliate program to get started?

The best Web hosting affiliate program to get started with is Youstable’s affiliate program, as you’ll get a bonus of $10 for joining their affiliate program. The best part is, you’ll get a recurring 25% of recurring commission on each sale. 

How much can we earn from a Web hosting affiliate program?

You can earn a handsome amount of money from a web hosting platform. Generally, it starts from $15 and goes up top $5000 for each sale. For example, it will only take you ten sales to earn $1000 with WPX  hosting web hosting programs.

Do we need to pay anything to join a Web hosting affiliate program?

The answer is no; Affiliate marketing is a free earning platform. So you don’t need to pay anything to join a web hosting affiliate program. 

Get Started with Best web hosting affiliate programs

This was everything about the best Web hosting affiliate programs. Web hosting is one of the critical services for almost every business and individual. So there is a lot of potentials if you start promoting a web hosting plan as an affiliate as the market has great demand. 

If you are confused about choosing the perfect web hosting affiliate program, you can go for any of them from the best five I have mentioned above. 

If I have missed anything on this particular article, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for joining VpsfreeHosting. Well, see you in the next one. 

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