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What is Windows VPS Hosting? – A Super Beginner’s Guide

Windows VPS Hosting

Are you a beginner & don’t know What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Ohh really??

Don’t worry, our team is here for you.

Windows VPS hosting is a popular solution among professionals. Millions of websites are running on Windows VPS hosting, and it doesn’t cost a lot compared to cloud hosting as well. 

However, the technology utilized for making it possible is entirely different from the rest of the web hosting packages.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and Windows OS is utilized to operate the server from an optimal level to ultra level.

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

First of all, we have to understand the technology and idea behind VPS hosting, so the newbie does not land in confusion. 

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is a combination of physical server + software. Meanwhile, the consumers have a choice to select the operating system such as Linux and Windows.

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows Server is a dedicated operating system for VPS & servers so the consumers can operate a server using a native Windows OS interface. 

All though, Linux-based servers are much more secure, and they cost cheaper compared to the Windows edition.

Do not mix up Managed VPS and Dedicated VPS because both packages are different from one and another. 

Managed VPS & Dedicated VPS prices are slightly different from one and another. It would take another article to explain the differences and benefits of it.

Many companies came into existence to offer low-cost Windows VPS to consumers. A cheap virtualization server is not always the ideal choice, 

So, read reviews online from experts and consumers, then make your final decision. Of course, we will get into the technical information regarding the product and packages.

Why Choose a Windows VPS Hosting?

The number of advantages & disadvantages of Windows VPS hosting depends upon the requirements. Every business person, individual and company requirements are different from one and another.

No one can deny that VPS hosting solutions are worth investing a few bucks a month. We are going to assist in making a final decision by splitting the conversation into Advantages & Disadvantages.

I have mentioned “requirements” as a big part of the Windows Virtual Server Hosting because the loving part varies from the needs of an individual. 

I am going to explain the advantages & disadvantages to assist the consumers in making a final decision.


  1. You can find free Windows VPS server hosting services online.
  2. In premium services, there are hundreds of companies offering cheap Virtualization Server, which is a great way to save money on a paid plan.
  3. Windows VPS hosting is highly customizable such as selecting RAM, CPU-cores, and more. The companies allow the consumers to select the hardware as per the requirement. It is an excellent option for the customer as they don’t pay extra charges at all.
  4. Shared hosting does not have enough control over the specifications and other hardware. The customer does not have full control over the server, which isn’t a great idea. In Windows VPS hosting comparison, the server configuration is in the customer’s control.
  5. Customers have to choose the right hosting company because the customer support team should be effective. In many cases, the customer support team is highly educated and trained regarding the product. Technical support shouldn’t be an issue with a professional customer care support team.
  6. VPS Hosting companies have a dedicated team handling the servers in the backend. You must have heard of 99% uptime, and the management claims it because they have engineers monitoring it. The professional engineers maintain the servers every day, so they don’t crash or disappoint the users on the platform.
  7. I have mentioned the requirement, which is an important aspect of the Windows VPS hosting providers. An individual can start from the cheap VPS hosting and then upgrade the package based on the developments in the business — no need to spend a lot of money on unnecessary packages.
  8. No one in the business can deny that VPS Hosting is reliable. The uptime is extremely good, and it doesn’t slow down the website at all. The promised hardware does not bottleneck the website because the engineer optimized the server.
  9. Do you want to run various scripts on one virtual server? Yes, a cheap dedicated server can run various scripts such as MySQL, PHP, and Apache.
  10. Security is a matter of issue in the 21st century because privacy invaders, hackers, and phishing is a major problem nowadays.
  11. In VPS packages, there is an advanced option of automatic backups and manual backup option. By selecting any one of the advanced packages, regular backups are possible. The customers can restore the website in an instant after getting attacked by hackers.
  12. You can knock off a few bucks from the package by selecting Linux based VPS hosting packages. The level of security might be less on the Linux Server OS, but it is a viable option for the start-up idea based customers.
  13. VPS hosting is a premium package, and providers offer free windows VPS trial 30 days. New subscribers can test the service for a brief period and start using it.
  14. Search Engines love faster loading sites.

I have mentioned almost every possible advantage of Windows VPS Hosting.


  1. It isn’t an ideal choice for a major website such as e-commerce sites and heavy sites. Let us assume that your site hits 100,000 visits per month, and then VPS is not a great idea. The cost of a web hosting account reaches a tremendous level, so it is no longer a cheaper option.
  2. Windows or Linux OS? Majority of the new customers get confused over it. However, Linux is a lower VPS server price compared to the paid operating system Windows.
  3. The word “virtual” is not for display because several websites are sharing the CPU resources. In short, multiple websites are running on the same server. The biggest problem shows up when the hosting company over sells the same server.
  4. Many customers are looking for an upgrade and VPS is an ideal option. Shared hosting is a budget-friendly package, and the VPS is an expensive upgrade.
  5. Windows VPS hosting providers are higher in the field, and Linux based accounts sellers are less.
  6. Finding affordable VPS Windows hosting is an easy process, but the customer care executives are not trained properly. The technical support is not good enough and the majority of the representatives do not have in-depth knowledge in it.
  7. Finding an ideal web hosting provider is not an easy task. Over the years, several web hosting companies started in different parts of the world. Big names in the market failed to provide decent customer care service. Choose the VPS provider carefully or else; it can turn out into a disaster.

I have listed a few disadvantages of Windows VPS hosting. A start-up site and Blogs should go for VPS hosting, 

and it is an ideal choice to rank a website on the first page of search engines.

What are the Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting?

Google is a search engine giant, and millions of websites are trying to rank an article on the first page. 

The customizations of physical hardware are a good start to encourage a website to load faster. It is no longer a factor that Google’s search engine loves faster loading sites. 

Imagine that your article is loading faster and it has a quality piece of content, then the chances of higher ranking increase.

Faster loading sites are no longer an expensive solution as Windows VPS hosting is a lot cheaper to cloud hosting

Make sure to calculate the CPU + RAM + Storage + Bandwidth because miscalculation can result in drastic slower speeds.

Best Windows VPS Hosting plans are budget-friendly pockets. I can name a lot of web hosting providers in India and other parts of the globe, who crafted affordable packages for the customers. Searching for an ideal provider is a difficult task, but we can recommend a few providers, later on, to get started.

Flexible to run web applications such as PHP, Apache, and MySQL and it is a reliable solution for forums and blogs.

The webmaster can access the root level directory of a server, and it is the pinnacle of VPS hosting. You cannot get a similar experience on shared web hosting or expensive cloud hosting.

The webmaster conveniently installs software in the server and customers can understand the level of freedom in it. 

Growing a business is no joke and webmasters are required to make changes to scale a business.

Best Windows VPS Hosting Provider

#1 YouStable

I have promised the readers/visitors to recommend a few providers.

I have selected YouStable as the first choice among other branded web hosting providers. YouStable is a reputed Indian web hosting company located in Lucknow. 

YouStable VPS About

It is a registered company so no one can conclude it as a scam.

YouStable has affordable packages for budget-tight customers. You can get entry-level Windows VPS hosting and Webuzo control panel packages.

Windows VPS hosting and Webuzo control panel packages.


  • Starting PRICE: How about spending as low as $12.31/Month? The starting price at YouStable is low as $12.31/mo, and there is a free VPS trial with no credit card for one month.
  • RAM: There are three packages, and the RAM options are 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB.
  • Nvme SSD Storage: At this price range, the customers get lighting speed storage technology, and options are 25 GB, 50 GB, and 100 GB.
  • CPU: In the processor, there is a single-core variant only. It is the bottleneck for a heavier site, and there is 24/7 customer care service. Call the authorities for customizations, and they will work on it.
  • Virtualisation & Control Panel: OpenVZ and Webuzo Pro.
  • Uptime: 99% uptime and there is no downtime experienced by the customers to this date.
  • Customer Support: YouStable has a dedicated customer support team, and they speak Hindi (native language) and English language. 
  • Customers can raise a ticket or email on the official support email address.
  • YouStable is an ideal choice for the USA, UK, and India data centers required customers.

#2 InterServer

I consider InterServer as the most underrated service in the business today. I did not rank YouStable in 1 or 2 orders because each company has something unique for the visitors. 

InterServer ABout

The likeness depends upon the requirements of the customer, and some might like 1 or 2, but they both are unique.

The company has 16 freaking packages for a different set of requirements. USA-based InterServer has been in the business for almost two decades.


  • Starting PRICE: By investing low as $10 per month, you can access Windows VPS hosting from the get-go.
  • RAM: Among sixteen packages, you can try 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB up to 32 GB of Random Access Memory on the site.
  • SSD Storage: InterServer starting storage solution is 30 GB, and it can reach up to 480 GB.
  • CPU: Customer can select single-core processor to 16-cores CPU. Now, we don’t know whether the 16-cores are logical processors or threads included.
  • Virtualisation & Control Panel: cPanel or Windows Server interface.
  • Uptime: 99% uptime!
  • Customer Support: Strong English customer care including Phone, Email, and Ticket support.
  • InterServer is an excellent option for the masses at affordable pricing.
  • Note: Apply this coupon code and get all windows hosting at just $0.01 for the first month.

Final Words

I have suggested two worthy providers available in the market, and they are not “advertised” popular companies. 

The pricing does not break the bank vault, and you can compare Features + Pricing + Services to similar brands. Let us know if we have missed a few points in the article and the comment box is waiting for you.

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