7 Components Companies Must Ensure Before Doing SEO

Components Companies Must Ensure Before Doing SEO

Let’s be honest; today, no company can thrive in this fast-paced and highly competitive business world if it isn’t visible online. With the growth of technology and internet users, making your brand visible on the internet is essential now more than ever.

One of the best ways companies can adapt to make their presence known digitally is by implementing the right SEO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to a series of steps digital marketers take to improve their search engines’ ranking.

There are about 200 or more Google ranking factors. Every company needs to focus on these factors to improve their ranks on SERPs and drive relevant traffic.

Components Companies Must Ensure Before Doing SEO

However, Google keeps updating its ranking algorithms so no one can manipulate its ranking system. Nevertheless, Google values its users, so companies must implement strategies and tactics that enhance user experience.

Read on below to learn crucial SEO components to increase web traffic, drive more sales, and improve overall performance:


It comes as no surprise that link strategy is still one of the most practical yet powerful SEO components to this date. Companies that wish to stay ahead of their competitors and reach a higher level of success must not overlook the importance of linking.

Components Companies Must Ensure Before Doing SEO

Previously, companies would get low-quality or spammy links to rank their web pages higher on search engines. Today, Google is stricter when it comes to link strategies. Thus, companies should try to earn valuable links from authoritative websites to build credibility and trustworthiness.

Companies struggling to get credible links can seek help from an SEO expert. One practical approach is to look out for a quality link-building agency in USA to improve link profile and get maximum reach. These can help you acquire natural and reliable links.


Search engines always provide the best results to their users. Therefore, they rank those websites high that have well-researched and quality content.

For this reason, companies should craft the content in a way that answers all the search queries and provides value to the users. However, it is necessary to stay abreast of the industry’s current trends and update the content accordingly.

High Quality Link Building

Moreover, avoid duplicate content throughout the different pages of a site. Come up with original and fresh content for each page. Those websites that have similar content might get penalized. Businesses can make use of canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues.

These tags show which URL is the most authentic one so that search engine crawlers can index easily.


One of the vital aspects of an SEO strategy is to target relevant and authentic keywords. These keywords help the companies drive organic traffic to their sites. Businesses should first start by researching the words and phrases that the audience uses while searching.

After that, make sure to place these keywords naturally in the title, images, and throughout the website’s content. However, random keyword stuffing can hurt a company’s website ranking. Therefore, ensure to insert the keywords in places where they seem fit.

Relevant Link Building

Also, companies should make the most of long-tail keywords – three to four words phrases that are specific by nature. Indeed, the search volume and competition for such words are relatively low.

However, it can help the companies reach the target audience and increase the possibilities of generating leads.


Previously, Google bots used to index websites based on the desktop version of a website. However, this criteria has changed since the number of mobile phone users has grown exponentially. Today, with the advent of technology, most people use cell phones to search for any information, query, or purchase a product.

It doesn’t matter how perfect a website is; if it’s not mobile-optimized, search engines might not consider the site for ranking it high.

Mobile Friendly Website

Hence, this gives businesses all the good reasons to design a mobile-friendly version of the website. A mobile-optimized design provides a positive user experience to the people. It increases the chances of appearing on top results.

Although Google considers various factors while deciding the ranking; however, it supports and recommends the responsive design for a mobile-friendly version implementation.


No doubt, online security remains one of the significant concerns of internet users. Therefore, companies must ensure their website are safe and secure to build their customers’ trust. Switching from HTTP to HTTPS might be an ideal option.

Site Security

Companies can do so by installing a Secure Socket layer (SSL) certificate. The certificate makes sure that all the information remains secure between web browser and server.

That way, site users can share personal data with the company website more comfortably. Companies that offer site security can boost their SEO and improve their site visitors’ experience.


Simply put, site load speed and bounce rate have a direct relation. Websites that take a more extended period to load have higher bounce rates.

Page load Speed

Bounce rate refers to the percentage at which site visitor leaves a web page without taking any action. Companies must ensure their site load speed must not be more than two seconds to retain their website users.

The following practices can help make sure the website loads fast:

  • Compress large-sized images without compromising on the image quality
  • Minify coding on your webpages
  • Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for instant loading on the mobile phones
  • Choose the right plugins and hosting that best suits the company objectives


The whole practice will fall wayside if the companies aren’t tracking their SEO strategies. Many tools are available to assess SEO performance in detail. Determining metrics is the first step in evaluating SEO efforts.

These metrics can help you gather insightful data, and companies can improve their performance through web analytics.

Some of the key metrics that every company must bear in mind include:

  • Number of potential visitors on the site
  • Actions these visitors take for sales generation
  • The web pages that receive most visitors and actions
  • How site visitors are navigating away from the website


Search engine optimization isn’t an easy feat, and it cannot happen overnight. Optimization is a continuous process, and it takes time to observe organic traffic. It is relevant to note that the search engine algorithms ultimately link back to the users.

Therefore, businesses must keep the user intent in mind while optimizing the website according to the ranking factors.

They must remain diligent and pour in all the hard work to rank the website high on SERPs. With the constant change in user’s intent and search engine algorithms, it is crucial to keep up-to-date with SEO strategies. 


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