OVH VPS Review: before buy check 100% genuine OVH users feedback!

Reading OVH VPS review can provide in-depth details on the product and it is a crucial aspect in making the final decision. In the digital era, millions of companies founded by different ethnicity and people with different believes. We have witnessed that cheap Windows VPS specially package a bundle targeting specific customers.

OVH VPS Review, ovh review

Consider OVH VPS review as the one-stop article that answers all questions related to the Compatibility, Stability, Performance, Speed, Price-to-value, and more. In this review, we may not cover small parts, so don’t get disappointed about it because the comment section comes in handy.

What is OVH VPS Hosting?

OVH hosting is an advanced cloud web hosting provider for small business and large scaled business. The industrial standard provider meets expectations of the average customer and industry-level customers as well.

The company packed several bundles to meet different requirements and size. Interestingly, the new customers do not have to worry about scaling up because upgrading the package instantly is possible with OVH web hosting.

Now, every VPS providers do not unveil the CONS and they highlight PROS only. In OVH VPS review, we are going to uncover the PROS and CONS separately.

1. OVH VPS Plans

OVH public cloud does provide multiple packages on the platform and covering them would be futile because you can check out the latest prices on official site. However, we are going to compare the entry-level pricing because isn’t that what matters to customers on a budget?

1. Public Cloud – $26.40/month

2. Private Cloud – $573/month (expensive)

3. VPS – $3.49/month (very affordable)

4. Dedicated Servers – $59.99/month

5. Storage and backup – $0.002/month (it’s object storage and you can find more packages)

6. Network and security solutions (price not available as it is a in-built feature)

7. vRack Connect (coming soon, not available as of now)

I have mentioned popular packages & optimized for performance by OVH VPS provider. A quick peek at the site menu reveals the maximum number of solutions and packages.

2. Performance

No one should miss out performance out of the OVH Review 2019 because it does impact final decision after all. I would pay 2X more VPS server if the performance exceeds my expectations, and that’s how important performance matters in 2019.

ovh server performance

OVH public cloud provider offers 99.99% industry standard up-time, which is a strong claim. In my frank opinion, I have never seen a web hosting provider maintaining 99.99% up-time throughout a week.

ovh performance

The average industry server response registered 500MS. In research, I found that OVH Server does not go less than 650 MS per second continuously. It does not end with server response time because the up-time registered as 99% during our research. I wouldn’t say that 99% is a bad number for OVH windows VPS.

3. User-friendly

Reputed companies take UI very seriously because it reflects the company problem solving ability. No company wants their customers to struggle to operate or navigate through the features. Unfortunately, OVH has too many variations and it encouraged the developers to create different UI for different packages. In short, the User-Interface is not user friendly and it clearly reflects on the first glance.

Coming to the struggling part, there are no visual are available that can explain the features & functions. I have looked up a few tutorials on video sharing platforms, but it seems like only a handful of people made guides online. For an average customer, it would take around one week or so to master the controls on OVH web hosting.

4. Support

OVH does not hesitate to support the existing customers and they have added dedicated Customer Care. You can reach the representative via phone number “1-855-684-5463” from anywhere in the world. Millions of people live different part of the world and contacting a foreign number might come as a hurdle. Email support is the secondary option to reach customer care and they often reply within 24-hours of the period.

OVH support, ovh customer care

I have a shared snapshot that explains a lot about “customer real-time experience” and unfortunately, there are a few problems with customer service. I found hundreds of negative feedbacks compared to positive feedbacks.

As a reviewer, I consider customer care response as a saviour because servers can go wrong at any time. A customer cannot access a server manually or physically, so they have to rely on the customer support responses. In OVH Review, I consider this as an absolute deal breaker feedback because you might end up having downtime for weeks.

5. Data Center

Most of the VPS providers are not transparent and OVH provided pictures of infrastructure.

The first-ever Data Center dropped in Paris, France in 2003 and then the company expanded throughout the world. They covered the Data Centers smartly to support multiple countries such as Singapore for Asians. Right now in 2019, OVH dropped 27 Data Centers in Vint Hill, Singapore, Warsaw, Sydney, Roubaix, London, Strasbourg, Gravelines, Frankfurt, and Paris.

ovh data center locations, ovh data center usa

In this case, the management selected places that do not increase yearly infrastructure expenses with strong security and available Engineers to look after the servers.

FAQ Section:

1) How long does it take to setup VPS on OVH?

In OVH Review, we have to understand that the company takes a few days to a week to confirm the payment. In the past, the management activated several accounts that had false payments. Kindly select the payment mode properly and then setting up a server takes one or two minutes.

How long does it take to setup VPS on OVH

Usually, the management confirms the payment during working hours of 09:00-18:00 (Timezone of Paris/France). Make sure to submit documents to initiate activation and it will speed up the process as well.

2) How to cancel OVH VPS?

OVH offers 30-Days Money Back Guarantee, so you can start initiating refund process within third days of period. The refund policy applies to a few packages, do not purchase without confirming the latest policies from the customer care. The management will initiate the refund within 30 days of period and they will provide monthly or annual pre-paid subscription fees.

Call the customer support or raise a ticket and then the representative will start the refunding procedure from their end. It typically takes 3 days to 30 days to initiate the wire payment or they will add credits. Keep in mind that you cannot convert credits to cash, which is a deal breaker for customers.

Refund is not applicable for vRack, Software license, Add-on, Additional services, and more. Contact the representative for updated information and then you can consider buying the services from OVH.

3) How do I move my OVH VPS to another Data Center?

OVH creative team added in-depth tutorial on the official site regarding transferring a site from one Data Center to another.

Check out

Bottom Line

In OVH VPS review, we learned a lot about a two-decade standing web hosting company. I must conclude that the cheap VPS hosting provider offering low-priced services and there are a few compromises that customers have to bear in mind.

I strongly consider customer care response as the key to success, but the OVH provider seems to disappoint me there. Now, it is your call, whether you want to go for cheap windows VPS provider and compromise with customer care or look for an alternative.