NTC Hosting Review 2023- Is it still reliable?

NTC Hosting Review

Hello, guys once again welcome to GoogieHost. What if I tell you there’s a web hosting provider which has been providing top-notch hosting service for the last 17 years and still needs to cover some solid points? 

We are talking about NTC Hosting, a company which is famous for its high-end security and optimised hosting service. 

There are plenty of web hosting providers on the internet. Every one of them offers shared VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. NTC is also one of them.

But What made the team Googiehost select this Hosting provider and write an NTC Hosting Review article? Soon you will get to know this honest review of NTC hosting.

There is plenty of NTC hosting review on the internet. Here, I’m going to talk about the in-depth features, and how they offer fast and optimised hosting services.

About NTC Hosting 

NTC Hosting is one of the best web hosting service providers that mainly provide their services to professionals and businessmen. NTC is one of the oldest web hosting providers on the market.

While other major web hosting companies do oversell which means, selling more than you can offer, NTC runs their business with no overselling. 

Now let me ask you, did you know a company that offers you 4 types of web hosting? I don’t think you know the answer. NTC Hosting offers you 4 types of hosting plans- Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Hybrid hosting and Dedicated hosting. Hybrid is basically a semi-dedicated web hosting plan with unlimited disk space.

NTC offers you FTP( File Transfer Protocol) where you can upload files from your computer to your website. NTC also comes with WordPress CMS( Content management system). These days 25% of websites use WordPress. 

About NTC Hosting review

Now the most amazing part is that NTC comes with a website developer which allows you to create and design your website without any sort of coding. Here you can also get the best Free Cloud Hosting with 30-Day Free trial

In order to generate fast connection speed, NTC has five data centres all around the globe- US data centre, UK data centre, Australian data centre in Sydney, Bg data centre in Bulgaria, and FI data centre in Finland almost covering every continent.

NTC Hosting Web Hosting Plan 

While most of the websites come with three types of hosting plans, NTC provides you with 4 types of risk-free hosting for your websites. They come with Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, & Hybrid hosting. 

Now take a look at the pricing of their plans – The shared hosting plans start from $4.95/month, VPS hosting plan starts from $5.00/month, the Hybrid hosting starts from $35.95/month & the dedicated hosting starts from $40/month. 

NTC Hosting Web Hosting Plan 

Now that’s not it. Every 4 plans come with different versions and different prices. So if you have already decided on any of these plans then wait, and take a look at their versions. Well, go one by one.

Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

#1. Shared Hosting plans

As you can see in the image below that NTC hosting offers you 4 fast Hosting plans and all of them are bulked with features. Although you are not here for purchasing hosting you are here for NTC hosting review 2023.

Shared Hosting plans

#2. VPS Hosting plans

Well, VPS stands for virtual private server and NTC offers you a legitimate VPS server with up to 5TB of bandwidth and you will also get your dedicated IP.

VPS stands for virtual private server

#3. Hybrid hosting plans

Hybrid Hosting Plans from NTC hosting are the most exciting and valuable web hosting plans. You can check out the 2 plans named PIONEER, MASTER.

VPS Hosting plans Hybrid Hosting Plans

#4. Dedicated hosting plans

While giving the review about NTC hosting Team GoogieHost noticed that they offer a very fast dedicated hosting, and the prices are also not bulked with hidden charges.

Dedicated hosting plans NTC Hosting review

Pros and Cons NTC Hosting

Now imagine a company providing a service for 17 years, but does that mean that they don’t need any improvement? So let me tell you no web hosting company can be completely perfect until I start one, just kidding. 

So, now in this NTC hosting review, I’m going to break down the pros and cons of the NTC web hosting service. To give you the best idea, I have put some points which I saw in the user reviews. Also get  Best Free VPS Trial No Credit Card For Startups


  • NTC provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • All hosting accounts are secured by Modsecurity and an anti-hack firewall.
  • Provides faster SSD.
  • You can change the plan in seconds.
  • They have a 30-day free trial and 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Comes with 100+ website building themes.
  • A simple way of domain registration.
  • A wide range of domains is available.


  • Web hosting service is not up to the mark as uptimes are shaky sometimes.
  • Some customer support channels don’t work 24×7.
  • The custom control panel is a bit confusing.

Speed Test for NTC 

NTC web hosting servers are fast because they use SSD drives for their server and come with the ZFS file system which is an 1128-bit file system. Not only this but they also have 5 data centres located on different continents. 

They allow you to choose the data centre nearest to your target audience which allows your website to run faster. If you still need more speed they also provide website acceleration on their hosting services.

What Makes NTC Hosting Fast? 

These days every web hosting promises you fast hosting while some of them actually come with better features and equipment to give faster web hosting.

What Makes NTC Hosting Fast? 

Now, NTC web hosting comes with SSD storage and they don’t use HDD anymore and they also use the ZFS file system which is optimized for fast retrieval of data (ZFS is a 128-bit file system, so it can address 1.84 × 1019 times more data than 64-bit systems) is one of the factors that makes NTC hosting so fast.

All NTC data centers acquire CPUs with 2.4ghz clock speed and have Intel Xeon processors which makes the website faster for users all over the world. 5 data centers cover almost every continent which gives the server low latency and makes the hosting faster.

Support Analysis

NTC web hosting promises to give you 24×7 customer support service, they have mentioned their tech support team has a 1-hour response guarantee and they usually answer your question within 20 minutes, which is true. 

Support – WOW Fitness

I have personally visited their website and the live chat was quick, they responded to my questions within a few minutes.

Server Uptime Test for NTC Hosting 

NTC hosting server claims to give you a minimum of 99.95% uptime guarantee. Any slight interruption in the webserver can lead to downtime of every service by the hosting like FTP, emails etc.

NTC guarantees you to fix those issues fast and provide you with a minimum of 99.95 uptime guarantee which means your server will face downtime of 45 minutes in a month.

Our Final Thoughts

NTC web hosting is one of the oldest web hosting companies. You might think of the downsides after knowing it is the oldest web hosting company but after reading my NTC web hosting review you know it’s not. NTC provides servers with a faster SSD, ZFS file system which makes it one of the advanced web hosting service providers despite being old.

The only thing I feel they should change is the pricing. If you compare this price with other web hosting companies you’ll see the difference where every web hosting comes with pretty much the same features. The thing is the price is low only when you buy their plans annually.

There are also some reviews about things which they should also improve.

Now, before you buy any web hosting for your website or let me assume you’re buying NTC, You should always see whether it’s fulfilling your web hosting needs, and taking care of your pocket also. So After reading my NTC hosting review you must know one thing: “Age doesn’t matter, especially in web hosting”


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