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Bisecthosting Review: Best VPS Minecraft server hosting 2024

Bisecthosting Review best vps minecraft server hosting

Bisecthosting Review: Best VPS Minecraft server hosting 2024>> Gaming is a major industry, and it is the time for Bisecthosting review. Gaming servers are the backbone of a multiplayer industry and hosting a game server is no child’s play.

You can find a lot of free Minecraft server hosting in the web market, but no one can deny that quality is a matter of issue.

It doesn’t matter; whether customers are going for Minecraft server Linux or Windows, gaming server administrators want performance.

Administrators are looking for a powerful cheap VPS hosting for Minecraft server Ubuntu. A simple Google search can display thousands of results on free Minecraft server hosting.

Bisecthosting Review Best VPS Minecraft server hosting

As millions of gamers are looking for budget or cheap VPS hosting, Bisecthosting review stands on the top. No one can deny that Bisecthosting is an affordable gaming VPS hosting company, which provides low (PING) latency servers.

Can I host a Minecraft server for free 2024?

Let us summarize the question for the beginners or someone, who has ZERO KNOWLEDGE in VPS hosting.

Minecraft is a popular game in 2024.

Gamers require a dedicated VPS hosting, so they can start their server, and start playing custom games.

Majority of the reputed companies do not offer free Minecraft server hosting.

Minecraft server hosting cost a lot and not everyone can afford it.


Yup, it adds a layer of confusion to the readers, so I will clear all doubts in two paragraphs and do not miss it. You don’t want to waste your time finding out what we are going to summarize it below.

YES: You can find several free Minecraft servers hosting, who are willing to provide ZERO HIDDEN FEE services to the masses. It is good news for the gamers and game server administrators to move on a free plan.

Now, we are done with the POSITIVE part, and it’s time to face the harsh reality of free Minecraft server hosting.

NO: Readers & fellow gamers have to understand that a server is a combination of CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD or SSD, PSU, OS, and flowing power. Typically, a mid-range server tower cost somewhere around $1000 to $10,000.

There is a maintenance expense such as the high-speed Internet, Engineers to monitor it, and 24-hours of electricity.

No company willingly provide 100% FREE SERVICES.

Usually, the latency is higher as the server is located farthest region from the promised country.

I have noticed that they don’t have customer support or ticket service. Frequent downtimes are very common, and you cannot have non-responsive servers.

In Counter-strike 1.6 and Global Offensive, you can find a lot of custom servers go non-working frequently. The IP address frequently changes, which is a result of Minecraft VPS hosting free.

Overall, a free edition of Minecraft VPS hosting is a big NO! NO!

Which is the Best VPS Minecraft Server Hosting 2024?

As the title suggests “Bisecthosting review” and we are going to review the Game hosting, Web hosting, and VPS hosting company. There are too many services online and choosing one among them is a major challenge, and that’s my frank opinion.

A newbie or a beginner would find it challenging to search for an ideal choice. Majority of the gamers do not have an idea on the subject. During my early days, existing server administrators suggest Minecraft server hosting in the chats.

Following someone blindly is not good enough as it can bring a lot of struggles.

SUGGESTIONS for New Gamers:

  1. Never go for a free Minecraft server hosting. I recommend the server administrators to set-up a server on a free VPS hosting forever for testing & practice purposes.
  2. Always read multiple reviews (multiple websites) online. In case, if there aren’t enough reviews on the subject, then avoid it.
  3. The customer support should be effective and responsive. Avoid companies that do not offer good customer care services.

Always keep these three aspects in mind.

Bisecthosting Review

Bisect Hosting is a Web hosting, VPS hosting and Gaming server company. The entire company builds on gaming server packages, so it is management designed to assist the gaming industry.

I have gone through web hosting packages as well, which doesn’t value at all. In short, it is a gaming server based VPS hosting company. Now, let us look at existing features on the platform, and it should not take

Bisecthosting: Features

Bisecthosting Features
  • It has a dedicated panel to choose Minecraft server hosting plan.
  • Instant set-up from BisectHosting.
  • There is a dedicated 24/7/365 support available from the company’s end.
  • Over the years, several hackers & attackers started to pulverize servers. There is a DDoS Protection available for free in the package so that no one can bring down the server.
  • The management set a limit on several accounts sold in the main physical server, so performance is not affected.
  • Unlimited SSD storage, so the performance will be optimal.
  • No restrictions were added to the custom JARS.
  • Create, edit, manage and make changes using Multicraft Control Panel.

I have mentioned the budget package for the new customers. Do not panic as there is a premium version for the games with features like free MODPACK installation, unlimited slots, dedicated IP address, sponge installation, and more.

Bisecthosting: Plans

We cannot leave pricing in Bisecthosting Review as it is a major contributing factor for calculating PRICE to VALUE. Minecraft servers pricing depends upon on the selection of the MOD and the purpose as well. However, I am going to calculate the average amount that 199 slots server has to pay.

Slots: You have to select the number of slots per server. The company is charging based on the slots selected — the minimum amount per slot if $0.50, which is arguably feasible.

Packages: I have come across packages, where you can select from vanilla Minecraft to Twitch. The pricing also depends upon it, so make sure to select the right one.

Location: Europe, Canada, USA, and others. Select the right country to save money and get low latency at the same time.

Add-ons: Do you want to save a few bucks? Do not select unnecessary add-ons for the process, which can end in misery.

Bisecthosting: Support

The company is claiming 24/7 customer support.

We did not test the services at all, so you cannot be held anyone accountable for it. Contact the customer service for suggestions and inquiry, and then put them at test.


As per pricing, Bisecthosting review 2024 does add greater value to the customers. The affordable pricing and separation of add-ons from the package are another great way to create a customizable cart.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer a trial period or any other testing services.

Let us know what do you think about Bisecthosting review in the comment section below.

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