Best WordPress Hosting for Blog in 2021

best wordpress hosting 2020

Are you looking for the Best WordPress Hosting for Your Blog in 2021? What makes a website successful? Everyone has a differing opinion on this question. But almost everyone agrees that a website that’s successful needs to be up at all times.

How is it possible?

If your website host offers a satisfactorily hosting plan. A decent hosting solution provides you speed, reliability, and security. These are essential for scaling a website and taking it to the next level.

best wordpress hosting 2020

How do you find a decent hosting solution? There are many options available such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed cloud hosting.

Almost all of them are used to host websites.

But Managed Cloud Hosting or Managed WordPress is one of the fastest-growing options available. It is fast, easily scalable, and affordable. Anyone can get a Truly Managed WordPress hosting solution for as low as $45.

In this article, we will discuss Managed WordPress hosting and how it can make an impact on your business.

We will also discuss the best-Managed WordPress hosting solution available for small businesses, its features, and various tools to check the speed of your website.

Let’s get started!

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is amongst the most proficient ways of hosting in today’s time.

There are individuals who opt for dedicated or shared hosting, some even opt for DIY hosting (no matter how risky it may be!) but with Managed WordPress hosting changing the paradigm by introducing quality website hosting itself through its optimized high-performance aspects – you really need to consider your choices. 

Managed WordPress hosting is much more secure, allows automation for backups so you never have to lose your data, super developer-friendly and a convenient option especially for small and medium-sized businesses as you can leave the technicalities to the Managed WordPress hosting and focus on what’s more important to you – taking care of your business.

Instead of dedicated/shared hosting servers where the chances of getting hacked are relatively higher – Managed WordPress hosting providers use data centers that are located in different regions, globally.

You can always check the status of servers on managed hosting provider’s websites.

Through this, these providers are able to confidently ensure faster loading times for pages – nobody would want to lose customers due to a slow-loading website nor end up in Google’s list of slow websites.

Why Is Managed Hosting the Best?

Now that we’ve covered the basics up there, it’s time to highlight some of the top features you can get through opting for Managed WordPress hosting:

Pros of a Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Faster performance
  • Fully Managed so the customer doesn’t need to have technical knowledge
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure and Well Optimized
  • Highly scalable

Introducing WPHelp WordPress Hosting

Although there are many hosting solutions available, one of the best ways to host your business is with The WPHelp.

Best WordPress Hosting

The WPHelp is a fast and reliable Truly Managed WordPress Hosting service provider.

Apart from hosting, it offers WordPress website maintenance services, so you won’t have to worry about site management at all.

Features of WPHelp WordPress Hosting

Here is a list of features that The WPHelp WordPress hosting has to offer to its users.

#1 Real-time Monitoring

Every WordPress user wants that their website is secure and that the servers are in good health. The WPHelp real-time monitoring feature, users will know about the health of their servers regularly.

#2 24/7 Support

Problems don’t come with warnings. They just come. Sometimes your site can get offline for no apparent reason. That’s where a 24/7 website support solution comes in.

Fortunately, The WPHelp offers 24/7/365 exceptional WordPress support and maintenance so that your website remains online at all times.

#3 Free SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are essential for any website because it keeps them protected from hackers. Moreover, Google search also considers SSL a vital part of the ranking algorithm.

The WPHelp understands this, and that’s why it offers free SSL certificates for all websites hosted on it.

#4 High-Performance CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) help improve the performance of the website. They spread the website data on multiple servers across the world, and this would decrease fetch time.

So, users can get information faster. With The WPHelp, users can get high-quality CDNs for their websites.

#5 Scalability On One Click

Traffic surge can break a website. If a website is getting too much traffic, its server will not be able to handle that. Resultantly, the site will go offline. To tackle that, you will have to add more resources to the server. The WPHelp, you can add as many resources as you want to the server within a matter of minutes.

#6 Free Migration

The WPHelp also offers free migration of websites from your previous host to The WPHelp Managed WordPress servers. You will not have to worry about a thing as the WPHelp team will take care of all the migration woes.

#7 Malware Scans

Once your website is live on the server, the team will carry out a comprehensive scan to make sure that everything is secure. Malware scans are repeated regularly to ensure website security.

#8 Off-Site Backups

The WPHelp team also maintains off-site backups of each website. It ensures that in case of a problem, your website data can be restored within minutes and that your site doesn’t face downtime.

#9 SEO Reporting

The WPHelp team doesn’t only deal with security issues. If you buy its premium service, it also ensures that your site is properly optimized for SEO and search rankings. that means TheWphelp offers SEO Hosting on their package.

If your website doesn’t have the right set of plugins, the team will ask you to install that. You can also let the team install these plugins if you don’t know-how. 

#10 Unlimited Site Edits & Maintenance Options

Moreover, with The WPHelp, users can make as many edits to their WordPress dashboards as they want. The WPHelp isn’t just a hosting company but a managed WordPress service that offers remote help for all issues related to WordPress.

Who Should Hire The WPHelp?

Anyone who isn’t equipped to handle WordPress issues but wants to start an online business should go for The WPHelp.

  • People who are too busy to look into the technical details of web hosting
  • Customers who are unfamiliar with how WordPress works and don’t want to know-how
  • Users who don’t want to hire a sysadmin on their team
  • People who are new to WordPress and want a helping hand
  • People who are merely looking for a decent and helpful WordPress hosting solution

Get White label Hosting

The best part about getting WordPress hosting from The WPHelp is that you can sell it to your customers. If you are an agency, a middleman, an affiliate, the WPHelp WPS servers will be a great choice.

You can sell the hosting service under your brand’s name. The basic hosting infrastructure starts at $50, but you can negotiate a price deal that suits you.

Become an Affiliate

With The WPHelp, you will get a recurring 20% hosting commission. No other hosting solution is offering this much commission on any sale for now. 

The WPHelp also offers its affiliates a $119 hosting and support package and a chance to get interviewed on the WPHelp blog.

People can earn as much as $2,000+ with The WPHelp by only referring 20 customers. That’s how much you can earn, too, if you are serious about becoming an affiliate.