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Today I’m talking about the best VPS Hosting provider in Nepal, if your website is live then I am pretty sure that you must have started with shared web hosting. But after some period of time, it’s necessary to upgrade your web hosting plan for better performance.

Best VPS Hosting Provider

While upgrading the web hosting plan, you’ll get many options and selecting the best one will bring better results in terms of bandwidth, uptime and traffic, etc.

If you’re into a web hosting industry then you must be knowing that Best VPS hosting is the next solution in terms of up-gradation. This article will guide you to select best VPS hosting provider like MilesWeb and YouStable

What is VPS hosting?

Like other web hosting solutions, VPS is the best and most used web hosting solution. It’s segregation of physical server hardware into multiple virtual servers. This means that a physical server is separated into smaller and virtual parts.

You as a buyer and operator get full root access for managing your virtual server. In addition, you can make changes in your allocated space or server, based on your requirement.

In terms of hosting resources, you get own storage system, operating system, dedicated RAM and CPU. If you want fast page speed, robust service and protection at a fair price then Windows VPS Cheap hosting is the best choice as best VPS Hosting provider in Nepal.

Comparison between Shared hosting and VPS hosting:

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Here, we can take an example of the real estate industry in which you buy and sell the flats, row houses and bungalows. Alike shared hosting environment, you get a flat for rent and there is one landlord – (which is your web hosting provider ) who has full right to access the space and assets.

That landlord gives the apartment on lease and helps you to avail other facilities like parking, gym, garden in the premises and in web hosting such facilities are CPU, RAM and Disk space, etc. But it’s quite different from shared hosting, as you get complete root access to manage your virtual server and handle the issues and modifications as per need.

Intro About MilesWeb

MilesWeb VPS

Established in 2012, MilesWeb is providing first class Managed VPS in Nepal and other affordable web hosting services to all types of businesses. Their VPS plan is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses or websites that will receive minimum traffic. Plus, they have fully managed cheap VPS hosting plans powered by DigitalOcean. They give 24*7*365 days of support service and communication modes are chat and email.

Their team of experts easily migrate your website data without any downtime. You must be wondering why I am not talking about uptime, right? Well, that is not a thing, I was about to tell you about the uptime of MilesWeb.

Here is the uptime of MilesWeb which is 99.95% and I think it’s much better than other web hosting providers. Moreover, they offer global server locations such as Banglore, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Toronto. You can select any location as per your choice.

Which Features MilesWeb VPS Includes?

Cloud Infrastructure

Their Linux VPS plans are based on DigitalOcean and Windows VPS plans are based on Amazon cloud infrastructure. This indicates that you’ll not face scarcity of resources and speed. The cloud infrastructure eliminates undifferentiated work like procurement and capacity.  

Solid-State Drives

 They offer built-in SSDs that give high performance and reliability to the website. Their flash technology assists in speeding up your website. In addition, they are extremely fast and durable than HDDs.

Free VPS Management

MilesWeb is all time ready to serve its customers. Therefore, they work on your behalf by deploying the server, optimizing and managing the complete VPS server.  This is done at free of cost as you can focus on your business completely.

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Must Need “SSH and Root Access” In Best VPS Hosting

 This feature will give you complete control over your hosting environment.

Full Administrator Access

You can control and monitor the functions of Windows VPS account along with other activities like host multiple websites, install any third party software/ applications or use it for browsing data.

Dashboard for resource monitoring

You get resources monitoring dashboard to check or monitor the resources usage of your VPS hosting.

Host multiple websites

If you want to host multiple websites then consider MilesWeb VPS hosting plan where you can host various websites.  In simple language, you are able to manage various websites from a single VPS account.

No Setup Fee

After signing up, your account will get set up with no time. Moreover, this setup is done at free of cost. Hence, their Linux VPS hosting gets deployed easily, therefore, setup becomes easier.

Robust Infrastructure

Their VPS hosting infrastructure is developed in collaboration with these leading players like Cisco, Supermicro, Dell and HP. You can depend on their cutting edge servers for superior uptime and stability.


You can blindly trust MilesWeb in terms of buying a Best VPS hosting. To know more about them visit their website or initiate a chat with a sales team.

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