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#1 Best VPS Hosting Provider in Nepal- SSD VPS Hosting


Today I’m talking about the best VPS Hosting provider in Nepal, if your website is live then I am pretty sure that you must have started with shared web hosting.

But after some period of time, it’s necessary to upgrade your web hosting plan for better performance.

While upgrading the web hosting plan, you’ll get many options, and selecting the best one will bring better results in terms of bandwidth, uptime, and traffic, etc.

If you’re into the web hosting industry then you must be knowing that the Best VPS hosting is the next solution in terms of up-gradation. This article will guide you to select the best VPS hosting provider like YouStable

What is VPS hosting?

Like other web hosting solutions, VPS is the best and most used web hosting solution. It’s the segregation of physical server hardware into multiple virtual servers. This means that a physical server is separated into smaller and virtual parts.

You as a buyer and operator get full root access for managing your virtual server. In addition, you can make changes in your allocated space or server, based on your requirement.

In terms of hosting resources, you get your own storage system, operating system, dedicated RAM, and CPU. If you want fast page speed, robust service, and protection at a fair price then Cheap Windows VPS hosting is the best choice as the best VPS hosting provider in Nepal.

Comparison Between Shared hosting and VPS hosting:

Here, we can take an example of the real estate industry in which you buy and sell flats, rowhouses, and bungalows. Alike a shared hosting environment, you get a flat for rent and there is one landlord – (which is your web hosting provider ) who has full right to access the space and assets.

That landlord gives the apartment on lease and helps you to avail other facilities like parking, gym, garden in the premises and in web hosting such facilities are CPU, RAM, and Disk space, etc.

But it’s quite different from shared hosting, as you get complete root access to manage your virtual server and handle the issues and modifications as per need.

I have listed two Best VPS Hosting provider that offers Amazing VPS Hosting services over Nepal with local support.

#1 YouStable

The Indian-based company Youstable has started years back by a blogger, whose goal is to provide unlimited hosting at a very affordable price, to a host that is economical and not to a concession on quality as well.


Every solution comes from a problem. The founder identified many glitches with the hosting companies, which inspired them to make their own. Little by little all main glitches were by the end of the year.

Started in 2015, YouStable is an Indian-based company that provides web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and DMCA ignored hosting. It offers economical shared hosting choices, VPS, and dedicated services in Nepal & included over the Internet.

YouStable is not one of the greater fish in the pond and it’s dedicated to small and medium industries, but it already has a growing user base. YouStable’s services are not narrow to web hosting only.

Here’s what the company deals with its users?

• VPS and dedicated servers
• Shared hosting
• Website design and Marketing solutions

Sounds good? In this YouStable review, we’ll help you understand the quality and completeness of this provider’s services, focusing on YouStable’s all hosting plans.

YouStable Features

#1 Cloud Infrastructure

YouStable provides you with fully accomplished Cloud Infrastructure. Manage all your email accounts, domains & orders with zero difficulties. Setup your Cloud Infrastructure package in minutes and grow your website on the cloud.

Cloud Hosting is a quicker and more forward-looking form of Shared Hosting. It stretches you access to the simple and familiar cPanel and is powered by robust Cloud Technologies. Cloud

Hosting gives you the power to balance your RAM and CPU resources, while also upholding redundant copies of your storage to protect beside disk failures.

#2 Solid-State Drives

YouStable servers are made from powerful hardware that also includes SSD hard drives that are manufactured by the popular brand for performance and stability. SSDs will boost performance without much clear change in cost.

Fortunately, many of our preferred hosts include SSDs as standard components of their dedicated servers. In fact, YouStable deals custom configurations around its SSDs, along with immediate provisioning and automated migrations, backups, and monitoring.

YouStable hosting includes SSDs in all plans, for an affordable rate, YouStable Hosting packs plenty of features into making customers’ sites and applications hum along 20 times faster than those on HDD hosting.

#3 Free VPS Management

Even though you can find a fair number of free web hosting facilities at the shared server level, site proprietors can have a harder time observing cloud or VPS hosting choices.

YouStable has taken a remarkable approach to provide affordable, high-powered hosting services. Free VPS hosting servers are regularly less powerful than those provided by top hosts, but the services can be valuable for developers getting their first taste of server configuration and management.

#4 Must Need “SSH and Root Access” In Best VPS Hosting

In YouStable all of our VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Shared Hosting allow typical SSH access. By default, the SSH access you have is for your precise cPanel account. For instance, if your cPanel username is userna5, when you log in via SSH you will only have access to edit files.

Root access is not set by default on VPS or dedicated hosting accounts. Because the root user can do anything they want, the level of support we can offer varies somewhat for accounts that have root access. Because of this, we need users to accept our Root Access Disclosure earlier we allow root access to their servers.

#5 Full Administrator Access

Get full administrative access with your best VPS hosting. A virtual private server with administrative access stretches your full entry to the operating system. With administrative access, you can host a great variety of additional software options on your server.

Administrative access also provides you the ability to set up and modify your server how you want it.

YouStable windows and Linux VPS hosting solutions include full management by our 24/7/365 Support team as well as the instinctive control panel. YouStable creates it particularly easy to access your sites and email, edit files and databases, and install software, and abundant more.

#6 Dashboard for resource monitoring

YouStable provides customers with monitoring almost all types of mechanisms like network protocols, operating systems, system metrics, web servers, applications, services, websites, middleware, etc in VPS hosting plans.

Use this dashboard to view file system devices, directory mount points, and capacity and usage information for the file systems that are mounted on the instance.

Each monitoring is controlling several aspects of CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network. The monitoring is performed by a number of procedures that collect these data and automatically feed a database and achieve the best index accessed by the resource monitoring dashboard.Also Read Cheap Offshore VPS Hosting

#7 Host Multiple Websites

YouStable provides hosts multiple websites on one VPShosting server. Many online professionals or website proprietors opt to find domain multiple hosting plans with strong hosting services.

When perceiving a strong VPS hosting plan for your domain names, our most suggested provider includes plenty of disk space and data transfers for housing multiple websites and enduring the traffic they receive…

#8 No Setup Fee

The service set-up fee is a responsibility that customers need to cover for the installation of certain services. In the field of web hosting services, the lack of a set-up fee is one of the key factors that clienteles take into account when choosing their host.

The Youstable not enclosed setup fee with plans for Windows hosting, Linux hosting, WordPress hosting, PHP hosting, and more. They don’t charge any fee for setup.

#9 Robust Infrastructure

Globally, industries depend upon the finest platforms for mission-critical applications. At YouStable we recognize all the advantages of infrastructure; granular control, high uptimes,

and robustness. For businesses that want to harness the power of Infrastructure but with all the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure, we have offered an SSD VPS hosting plan.

Our robust infrastructure can help find advanced ways to reduce web hosting costs so you divert your technology expenditures toward strategic enterprises

The operational use of technology provides resources, data, tools, and supportive systems that increase opportunities and promote efficiency. Such robust environments enable anytime, anywhere capability and mastery with empowered the way for each webmaster and business owner to succeed.

Why Choose YouStable?

YouStable knows that very well, so the company has put together a team, who is well-trained to take on technical issues and solve them for you. YouStable best VPS hosting plans, great performance: good uptime, as already confirmed by happy customers, and great load times.

Reasonable prices: affordable plans with the capability to try out the services for virtually free. The added-value services: SSL, free website migration, and SEO services are offered with every plan.

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