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5+ Best VPS For Forex Trading With 100% Uptime

Best Forex VPS Hosting

Best VPS for Forex Trading: Foreign Exchange Trading, combined with the power of Forex VPS Hosting, gives you a suitable performing speed.

Today, the VPS hosting suppliers offer 99.99 uptime, DDoS security, data centres, affordable cost, and specialist client services.

After hours of researching for this post, I dig the countless sites of Forex VPS hosting providers including free forex VPS hosting. For accurate info, I sent multiple emails and tickets.

You may find info on these forex VPS comparisons, and hosting firms in addition to their strategies’ pieces from the desk at the bottom of the report.

I am going to offer several bits of advice that you do not have any idea about. If that’s the case, you might choose to read the next lines to understand them.

Here’s a listing of the best and cheap VPS Forex hosting suppliers in 2024.

Best VPS for Forex Trading in 2024

I have listed down three companies namely, AccuWebHosting, Liquidweb, and HostWinds as the Best VPS for Forex Trading in 2024.

Following is my forex VPS list:

  • AccuWebHosting
  • LiquidWeb
  • HostWinds

#1 Accuwebhosting

Launched in 2003, Accuwebhosting has covered 13 years in the web hosting industry.

Accuwebhosting is one of the best-known companies for offering the best and most economical VPS plans.

In collaboration with Handy Networks, the company offers all its Windo\ws and Linux VPS plans.

Since its Forex VPS Plans are a series of the VPS plans series, hence they are accompanied by all the VPS features that Accuwebhosting offers to its VPS customers.

With the Accuwebhosting Forex VPS, you will the following features:

  • Full root access on VPS Server
  • Forex VPS combined the power of Windows Server
  • Ultra Fast SSDs for smooth operations
  • Worldwide server locations featuring 14+ Locations
  • Low latency with the nearest server location offering 99.9% uptime
  • Ability to run simultaneously multiple trading terminals
  • Robust and customised control panel for easy forex VPS management.

Accuwebhosting Forex VPS Hosting Plans:

The company has named its plans in serial numbers like Forex VPS 1, 2 and 3. I recommend you to buy this plan for 1-4 terminals.

Accuwebhosting Forex VPS 1 Plan

  • Price – $12/Mo.
  • Windows or Linux – Licensed WINDOWS 2012 OS
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Storage – 35 GB RAID6
  • Processor – 2 vCPU Cores
  • Bandwidth – 250 GB Bandwidth
  • Number of IP Addresses for the purchaser – 1
  • Backup Mode – Weekly Backups
  • Easy Upgrade facility available
  • Purchase Addon facility available for enhancing forex VPS capabilities like additional disk space, bandwidth, RAM, dedicated IPs, processors, and daily backups.
  • The company manages Forex VPS for ease of use.
  • You can use all Trading Platforms like MT4 MetaTrader,  MultiCharts InteractiveBrokers, cTrader, TradeStation, and MetaTrader5.
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, and macOS.
  • 24×7 Forex VPS Monitoring
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Server Location – Denver, CO, USA.

30 Days Free Trial Now

Trade using the best Forex VPS for MetaTrader. Multiple VPS Locations. Ultra-low latency. Get a 5-star VPS from the leaders in FX technology.

Other plans like Forex VPS 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 offer advanced features like more Ram, processor cores, storage, dedicated IPs, highly optimised and less maintenance performing servers.

#2 LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb has existed since 1997.

Constructed using the All The Storm Platform, LiquidWeb Forex VPS hosting empowers customers to enjoy redundant excellent cloud attributes.

LiquidWeb: Best VPS For Forex Trading

For example, instantaneous Indices, free Storm firewall, RAID fast SSD VPS, real-time tracking, simple scalability, free incoming bandwidth, API accessibility, Plesk, and much more.


LiquidWeb has established 3 Forex VPS hosting options, and clients are permitted to personalize their packages by picking the OS, bandwidth, copies, and IP address.

Consequently, the three leading line information center facilities in the US-Central and US-West area by LiquidWeb create excellent geographic redundancy for many Forex VPS hosting clients.

Additionally, it uses premium Tier-1 bandwidth suppliers, Cloudflare CDN, and SSD technologies to maximize the rate.

For better procuring each Forex VPS hosting account, the internet server configures each server with ServerSecure, DDoS attack protection, and neighborhood site copies.

Backed by the industry-leading Heroic Service group, clients won’t ever have to worry about any technical problems.

The wonderful SLAs guarantee everything from reaction times and hardware replacement to reimbursement from downtime.

#3 HostWinds

Hostwinds vps hosting

In the previous ten decades, the internet host has helped more than 400,000 customers host over 500K sites, WordPress websites, and software.

Often beginning at $16.99/mo, HostWinds Forex VPS hosting is just one of the best cheap VPS hosting options for Forex from the business.


Better still, the internet host permits their new customers to get 53% off to produce the cost reduced to $7.99, to begin with.

For more charges, please consult with HostWinds Coupon.

HostWinds online control panel enables clients to add and handle multiple virtual servers easily.

The Ubuntu Long Term Service guarantees to provide years of security upgrades so that clients will not suffer from any downtime and security pockets.

HostWinds Forex VPS hosting signifies that it will make every fantastic attempt to ensure that the host is available as broadly as possible and with as little service interruption as possible.

The hosting firm uses more than one information centre from Alchemy Communications to maintain a 100% network uptime.

Integrated with cutting-edge SSD technologies, no wonder HostWinds VPS servers can keep outstanding performance at precisely the same moment.

If the client has to consult technicians or specialists when falling with a few issues, HostWinds provides unlimited 24/7 assistance service.

What’s Forex VPS?

Web hosting companies rent you a digital space called VPS (Virtual Private Server).

What is VPS: A VPS is a proportional percentage of a dedicated server. Using a VPS, you can employ your trading facilities seamlessly from anywhere. Furthermore, it is like a computer which you can operate from another town, nation, or even continent.

Forex VPS, when combined, allocates the idea to deploy a powerful VPS for forex trading.

You can set up your trading platforms like Metatrader, cTrader, Ninja Trader, and many more for forex trading goals.

What is the use of VPS for Forex Traders?

There are some reasons that dealers Generally and forex dealers Particularly use VPS such as:

  • To possess a strong Online connection and prevent disconnection
  • To decrease latency and enhance the execution rate
  • To prevent slippage
  • For worldwide trade facility

Uptime is crucial and achieving a strong online connection

Server disconnection can cause trading issues. It is harmful to your accounts and brief-term traders such as scalpers.

You also don’t need any disconnection should you operate a trading robot like EAs, particularly 24/5.

When you utilize VPS, you connect yourself continuously as your link comes from dedicated and influential hardware that your VPS service provider supplies.

Achieving super latency using VPS

You can obtain latency reduction and a quicker execution rate utilizing a good VPS.


It gives superior results like 1-2 milliseconds.

Is not that better than latency to a broker of 30, 100, 200, or 1000 milliseconds?

The Forex VPS hosting providers maintain the data centres near the broker’s information centre, giving you access to quick latency speeds.

Hence, no substantial space between you and your broker remains, and you deploy your orders faster.

Prevent Slippage

Another reason that some traders choose to utilize VPS is to prevent slippage.

The trading industry is volatile, RIGHT?

Whether it’s a better price or inside information, anything can rush orders execution.

Brokers understand this trouble, and for this, they arrange a VPS solution.

Using a VPS, brokers implement your orders at your nearest requested price- occasionally a much better cost, favourable slippage, and in other situations a worse one, negative slippage.

When you utilize VPS, you remove latency and accelerate your execution speed so that your orders get to a broker more quicker.

It gives them the chance to provide your purchased cost to prevent slippage.

Worldwide Trading Facility

You do not have to take your pc or notebook everywhere to get access to trade. 

What you need is your VPS username and password!

Furthermore, it would be best to have these in a PC’s remote desktop manager of any pc and have access to your trading platform.

Where do people mostly use Forex VPS?

  • Speeding up Expert Advisors or Forex Robots
  • Legitimate Scalping Forex VPS
  • Volatile news and events

Speeding up Expert Advisors or Best VPS for Trading Robots

EA is most likely the principal reason that dealers utilize forex VPS.

As you probably already know, Metatrader includes a programming language that you can utilize to construct trading robots like a specialist adviser or EA.

They have restricted it to MT4, or even MT5, and other trading platforms like cTrader possess their very own proprietary language for programming robots that are trading.

If you get disconnected even for a couple of seconds, it could have a massive impact on a trading robot’s consequence.

It is even more dramatic once you’ve got a scalping EA or even a martingale or any EAs that need to adhere to some steps.

Any disconnection onto an automatic 24/5 EA can distort a reasonable loop and jumble up its codes. Eventually, you will observe it.

If you use the best VPS Forex server, you can save yourself and EAs from being disconnected.

VPS reduces latency and slippage and increases execution rate. Using it, your EAs can see superior outcomes.

Legitimate Scalping Forex VPS

Scalping is just another sensitive trading approach that requires meticulous care, particularly when you’re planning for quite a few pips such as 2, 5, or 3.

In scalping, you might not desire or have the ability to place your SLs initially, or you do not set and use it whatsoever when pinching for 2-3 pips.

Imagine if you become disconnected amid this scalping.

Or your purchase is not implemented fast enough, so your system starts with one or two pips against what you expected?

A reliable VPS can help you avoid these problems.

Also Get: Free Vps Hosting Forever

VPS for trading Important News Occasions

Trading on market events and news includes price risk. What if you have a poor connection and bad latency?

A forex VPS helps you deal with the above situation and enables you to execute your orders quickly.

It supplies a more reliable environment for trading over volatile news events.

What Characteristics Should the Very Best Forex VPS have?

You have to select a few specifications like CPU, RAM, and Disc Space based on the resources you want.

For instance, if you operate four EAs and MT4 platforms at precisely the same time, you require more RAM than a man who offers one EA running.

Few Forex VPS providers offer you hints for this intent.

For example, consider 500 MB RAM for each Metatrader, so if you run two MT4s at precisely the same time, you need to select 1 GB RAM.

My experience confirms that it is dependent on the number of trading platforms, your system specifications like CPU or RAM, and internet speed.

The more resources your system has, the less you desire from a digital machine like VPS.

If you don’t have sufficient funds, your system collapses over and over, and at times it takes an excessive amount of time to start an MT4.

It’s like having a Pentium one-chip from the 90s.

The best way is to pick a plan that VPS providers provide and update various bits when you have issues using pace.

For instance, if your VPS is slow on a 2 GB RAM plus one core CPU plan, add 1 GB RAM. If the issue still exists, then add 1 Core CPU and so forth.

To avail of the best plan, be sure to speak with the VPS hosting company.

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Trade using the best Forex VPS for MetaTrader. Multiple VPS Locations. Ultra-low latency. Get a 5-star VPS from the leaders in FX technology. Must try

Selecting the best Forex VPS Hosting Provider – Steps

Pay attention to the uptime

Uptime signifies the time your VPS is linked and is not down.

That is why uptime is just one of the vital aspects that we will need to check. Some VPS suppliers say they have 99.9%, which is good for the long term.

However, there is no guarantee.

DDoS Protection is highly crucial

Distributed Denial-of-Service are cyberattacks in which attackers attempt to invade your system and absorb the body’s resources like bandwidth.

Imagine you have a site that has sufficient funds to host 1000 traffic concurrently. What if 10000 traffic rush to your website at precisely the same moment?

Your site goes down and is accessible for some time.

It may occur to a dealer running EAs and can lead to disconnection, something you don’t desire whatsoever, and it is the number one reason you utilize VPS to your EAs to be attached all of the time.

When you operate a 24/5 EA with massive trading accounts, it will matter.

Now, most VPS providers comprise DDoS protection in their VPS programs, but their size differs. Some supply 1GB/second, and others offer you 20 or 40 Gbps, but you do not need much.

In the long term, customer support matters

Dependable and expert client service may solve likely issues in a blink of an eye and save time, energy, and cash.

I recall my very first cheap VPS. During my search to find the ideal forex VPS, I contacted several VPS hosting suppliers. I asked them a few questions about various topics to observe how professional and supportive they were.

If possible, go for Money-Back Guarantee

Possessing a refund policy is not a compulsory idea. However, it will help you pick Forex VPS Hosting confidently.

It will also help the VPS agency and the machine and strategy or piece you want. There are various payday coverages.

Some VPS hosting firms aren’t in these two categories and deliver you a couple of days of trial for a tiny sum of money.

Aside from the refund policy, it is a fantastic chance to come up with the best forex VPS for you without any cost or with 2 or 3 bucks.

Choose an ideal data centre location

Most forex brokers have data centres in London or New York.

You will find forex brokers who have data centres in various areas of the earth. You may request your broker and discover the answer quickly.

Typically, you do not need to decide on the precise town.

If you are using a data centre in precisely the same state or perhaps, the content will do the trick unless your trading plan or EA is overly sensitive and you or your EA open regular places in a row.

This way, the very best forex VPS for you would be the one that has data centres close to your broker’s data centre.

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