Top 10+ Best FREE DVD Ripper for Windows & Mac in 2021

Best FREE DVD Ripper

How about having a DVD ripper that can convert shelves full of DVD content in an instant? 

Well, if you got the collection. Then I have got the tools for you. Here in this article, you’ll get the best Free DVD Ripper from the pool of best ones out there in the market that will get the job done without the Hassle. 

In this digitalization era. CDs, DVDs are rarely available in the market. One of the main reasons could be the matter of not sufficient space. 

As in today’s time, most of the new storage technologies have a plethora of space available for extensive digitizing contents like movies, footage, home movies, or cinema than the traditional storage devices. That’s why old ones are replaced by modern ones. 

Plus, now you have plenty of new DVD software in the market that is capable of converting or copying Digitizing content of a DVD into different formats or Harddisk. And DVD rippers are one of that popular software. 
So, before hopping into the list of Best DVD rippers out there. First, let’s understand what exactly a DVD ripper is?

What is a DVD Ripper?

Basically, a DVD ripper is computer software that stimulates copying the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive.

They are mainly used to transfer video, movies, and footage on DVDs to different formats, to edit or back up DVD content, and to convert DVD video for playback on media players and mobile devices.

What is a DVD Ripper?

So, if you are looking forward to converting the collection of movies, videos into your hard disk for free, then you can opt out of the best free DVD Ripper for windows and mac from the list that I have boiled down below. 

Best Free DVD Ripper available in the Market

Now backup the collection of your favorite movies with these promising DVD Rippers available in 2021 for free. 

These are handpicked from the best ones in the market and come in both free and paid versions and removes copy protection methods such as DRM, CD/DVD-check, Dummy Files, over-sizing and over-burning the DVDs, and many more.

Best Free DVD Ripper available in the Market

So, let’s dive right into the list of Best DVD Ripper programs and explore their aisle to aisle and experience the fast ripping speed. 

1. HandBrake

HandBrake has a plethora of rich features under its sleeves. And is a well-suited tool for advanced users who are seeking a powerful video transcoder. 

HandBrake Best DVD Ripper programs

It allows you to rip unprotected DVD files and is packed with lots of advanced features. But it’s not for those who want a free and comprehensive tool as its user interface is complicated for most beginners. here you can also check Instagram Story Viewer

Key features 

  • It supports blu-ray 
  • Compatible with Cross platforms
  • Custom features like video filtering, subtitles, and video previewing
  • Supports custom video crop and specific audio track.
  • Converts video in any format 
  • Includes ready-made presets

Available for: Android, ios, Windows, and Linux.

2. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a free video converter program that can easily rip a DVD digitized content into numerous video formats.

It also functions as a free DVD burner program. Since it can put a video file directly onto a disc or “burn” it to an ISO file.

Key features 

  • Smooth interface
  • It provides a good selection of output options, including AVI, WMV, MPG and MP4. 
  • It has preset profiles for games, consoles, smartphones and tablets. 
  • It can convert the content of a DVD into AVI, WMV, MPG, and MP4 format.
  • It can also burn Videos to BD Blu-ray.
  • It can even export videos to youtube. 

Available for: Windows

3. DVDFab HD Decrypter

DVDFab is a bit confusing. Plus, the entire package of DVDFab comes at a cost. However, its DVD and Blu-ray rip feature is free of cost. Here, you can also Read the Best CPU Temperature Monitor

DVDFab HD Decrypter

The tool gets downloaded in a trial period version, but the DVD and Blu-ray rip feature remains free of cost long after the trial period has ended.

Key features 

  • It supports batch conversion with the help of multi-core CPUs as well as Intel Quick Sync
  • You can easily enhance the quality of your video
  • It Supports 4K/H.265 conversion profiles
  • It can rip multiple VTS protections
  • Best one for audio-visual effects

Available for: Windows and Mac

4. Freemake

Freemake DVD ripper easily rips DVD files and saves them to your computer files.

Freemake Freemake DVD ripper

It supports 20 format outputs, and this gives you digitized content that can be used across multiple platforms without any hassle.

Key features 

  • It can rip multiple formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, 3ZGP, and other ISO formats.
  • Compatible with all disk types.
  • It maintains original quality content.
  • It can digitize Movie Content with inbuilt subtitles.
  • It can directly share your DVD video to your Youtube account. 

Available for: Windows 

5. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

WinX DVD Ripper platinum is 2021 Best free DVD ripping software. It digitizes DVDs for easier backup, archiving, editing, and sharing and is probably the fastest ripping software in the market. 

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

With its 350+ profiles, it can convert ISO image or DVD to MP4 (H.264/HEVC), AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, MP3, etc, and backup DVD to hard drive/USB/NAS/Plex. The ripped file can be viewed on a computer, HDTV, Android, iPhone, iPad, Xbox One S, PS4, etc.

Key features 

  • Allows you to play music in MP3, RMA, WMA, and the ISO format.
  • This allows you to set the playback rate.
  • It can play both commercial and homemade DVDs.
  • This one can copy the DVD to the MPEG2 file.
  • It gives High-Quality Engine with deinterlacing.

Available for: Windows and mac

6. Leawo DVD Ripper

Leawo DVD Ripper can effortlessly convert DVD to video as well as audio. 

 Leawo DVD Ripper

It is compatible with more than 180 formats for this conversion. Moreover, It provides a facility for adjusting output video and audio parameters such as video codec, audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, etc.

Key features 

  • It can be used for converting DVD to video or audio to playback on iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, etc.
  • It has a built-in video editor and 3D movie creator.
  • It will allow you to choose subtitles from source DVD movies for output videos.
  • It also has functions to work as a DVD audio ripper.

Available for: Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.

7. AnyMP4 DVD Ripper

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is a decent tool for ripping and converting any DVD Disc/Folder/ISO image file to various formats.

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper

It supports over 500 formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3, etc.

Key features 

  • Rip homemade to another video/audio format.
  • Supports various Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other digital devices for playback.
  • Provides you multiple Video editing features
  • It has a user-friendly and easy to use interface
  • It can get multiple video formats at one conversion. 

Available for: Mac and Windows

8. DVDFab3

DVDFab3 is all you need to backup DVDs. It combines the one-click convenience of DVDFab Express with the power of DVDFab Gold.


DVDFab3 provides the easiest way to copy a DVD movie. Just insert the movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Here, you can also check Best Free Image hosting sites.

Your entire movie – including menus, trailers, and special features – is copied to a single DVD with just one click, and everything happens automatically.

Key features 

  • It can rip both DVD and Blu-Ray content.
  • You can easily control and change video and audio parameters
  • It can read metadata
  • It allows you to convert and rip files in multiple file formats. 
  • It gets updated constantly with new presets to ensure conversion in any desired format. 

Available for: Windows and Mac

9. MakeMKV

MakeMKV is a free Blu-ray ripper and is a great tool for beginners to use.


It allows you to rip through multiple disks in an instant. Alongside it is devoid of settings that many amateur users find complicated to meddle with.

Key features 

  • It reads DVD and b files
  • Saves all audio and video tracks
  • Fast conversion
  • Saves metadata 
  • No additional software required for decryption

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

10. DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter is an easy-to-use software that allows you to create backup disk images of your DVD-Video structure type. 

DVD Decrypter

It is phenomenally beneficial in making copies of those DVDs that are protected by the CSS aka Content Scrambling System.

Key features 

  • It can effortlessly create backup disk images.
  • Duplicate files protected by CSS.
  • Make region-specific copies.
  • Remove code restriction from disk.

Available for: Windows 

11. DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is one of the popular DVD rippers in the market. 

It uses the deep analysis option to encode your DVD in two passes. This helps the user meet the target size of the file and improve the overall quality of the file in question. Also Read Best Free Fake Email Generator

Key features 

  • Free DVD ripping
  • It supports multiple output formats.
  • Intuitive User interface.
  • Bypass encryption like CSS, region code, etc. 

Available for: Windows

12. DVD43

DVD43 is a free decrypter plug-in that can be used with any of the DVD ripping tools above to bypass encryption that hinders its duplication process.

It is very simple to handle; you just have to simply run your ripping program with the DVD43 plug-in active. If your DVD Copy has encryptions, DVD43 will either remove or bypass it without a hassle.

Key features 

  • Easy to use
  • Easy setup
  • Works on all versions of windows
  • Bypass encryption without Hassle
  • It is a Free plugin that can be used with any DVD Ripper program. 

Available for: Windows

How to use Free DVD Ripper for Windows and mac?


Each DVD ripper has its own ways to rip. So in this guide, I am gonna explain to you by using Freemake DVD ripper for Windows. 

Trust me, the process is much easier than you think. Just follow these simple steps and then you are good to go. 

Step1: Insert your Disc

  • Insert the DVD disc which you want to turn digital.
  • Then select the source video file you want to rip.

Step2: choose a format

  • Then select the output video file format from MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, and FLV. 
  • The Customize the DVD ripping options

Step3: RIP your DVD

  • Choose the destinations on a PC hard drive, flash drive, or blank DVD. 
  • Now press the “Convert” button to rip a DVD. 


For Mac choose the DVDFab DVD ripper as it is the best DVD ripper program from the above ones. And walk through these simple steps: Also Read, Best Epub Readers for Android

Step1: Download DVDFab on your Mac device from the link given below

Step2: Load your DVD

  • Once it is downloaded, install it and select the “Ripper” tab.
  • Then, insert the disc you want to rip by clicking on the inserted disc.

Step3: Select chapter, Audio, subtitles

  • If there are no subtitles in the movie, you can add them by using the option “Add external subtitles”. 

Step4: set the output video format

  • To convert DVD into Digital then click the option “choose Other Profile”.
  • Then you’ll see a list of formats like AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MP4, and many more. 
  • Then select the one and click on the “Advanced settings” in the main interface of the DVD rip program and set the “Video Codec” to your desired format. 

Step 5: set the output destination

  • DVDFab DVD ripper supports all destination output. 
  • Just click on anyone from mobile to YouTube and save your ripper file. 

Step6: Start Ripping DVD

  • Once you have selected the destination and format then click on the “start” button located in the right-hand bottom corner. 
  • That’s it, your video will be ripped soon.


How can you select good DVD ripper software?

A good ripper software has these following qualities:

  • Fast ripping speed
  • Supports all the output  Formats
  • Can rip both homemade and commercial videos.
  • Compatible with cross platforms

What is the best free DVD ripper for Windows 10?

There are plenty of them but the one that is the best one amongst them is Freemake. Because of its rich features, it is considered the best Free DVD ripper for windows. 

What is the best free DVD ripping software?

It depends on which device you are using. Let’s say if you are an Android user then Leawo DVD is the best one for you. If you are a Mac user then MakeMV is the best one out there. 

How do I rip a DVD to my computer for free?

Just go through the guide that I have mentioned above on how to use free  DVD rippers on Android and mac. 

What is the best DVD ripping software?

For the past few years, the Winx DVD ripper is the best one in the market. 


In a nutshell, DVD rippers play an essential role in bringing back the old memories that you kept in the form of DVDs.  

So if you are an old schooler and have a collection of your memories in the form of homemade videos, footage and want to live those moments again then these Best Free DVD Ripper programs will help you to digitize those precious memories and store them them on your device. 

From the best Free DVD Ripper for Windows and Mac then if I have to choose one then I’ll go with either WinX DVD Ripper platinum ripping or Handbrake Ripper. Because they both feature-rich ripping software and allows you to convert your video into a variety of Formats.

Plus, they give a high-quality output. Alongside uses copy protection methods to remove the layers of protection over DVDs.