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best free email hosting for small business

Best Email Hosting for Small Business 2021: Are you looking for the best email hosting for small business, As you know today, everyone has an email account.

In fact, having an email account has become as mandatory as having a contact number or an identity proof? We use email services for various purposes.

However, the purpose of an email account is entirely different for a business. Details such as customer information, invoices, bills and other sensitive info are stored on the email account.

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Therefore, you cannot afford to be unprofessional, messy, and clumsy or else you will lose clients and business.

Hence, you must have the support of the best email hosting for small business in 2021. It will not just add professionalism to your work, but also give you a more orderly, systematic, and secure approach.

If you have the best free email hosting for small business, you are good. But if you want a top class service, we have several options for you.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting services are offered (mostly rented) by hosting providers to users. There are many free email hosting solutions.

However, the best web and email hosting for small business are offered by some selected professional email hosting service providers. These professionals rent out amazing email services which are effective and flexible.

For the best email hosting for small business, the outgoing and incoming emails must be managed by a shared, separate, or devoted mail server.

What to look for in best email hosting for small business?

Business email hosting service provider is like a manager. Therefore, you have to be very particular about the type of service they are offering, their work etiquettes, work ethics, and much more.

It is not possible to get the best web hosting for business with email accounts if you do not know the factors which make or break the service provider.

Here is a list of factors you must consider before choosing an email hosting service:

#1 Security

The top priority of an email hosting provider is the security of the email content. It is of great importance that the emails must be protected and secured all the time.

They must not be hacked or leaked at any cost. The leakage of data can land both the host and business companies in a lot of trouble, including legal and financial conflicts.

There are many cheap business email hosting services that are affordable and have advanced security protection tools. Speaking of tools, certain tools such as anti-spam filtering, anti-malware, and data protection should always be in place.

The best email hosting with own domain will have an expert team of members are available 24×7 to enable efficient protection and disaster recovery when needed.

#2 Easy to Use and Access

The best email hosting for small business will give you full or nearly full control over the email environment. Moreover, it will also provide you with guidance and assistance whenever you need. Your email host must offer you 24×7 chat, call, and email support.

When you are searching for what companies are the best email hosting for small business, look out for the ones that have a web-based interface.

They are simple to use. Besides, you can yourself enforce PIN lock and create your self-approved mobile device list.

All this will give you complete administrative authority. On top of everything, when you have the best help-desk support, it’s just a cherry on the cake.

#3 Flexibility and Compatibility

Being a businessman/woman yourself, you, better than anyone else know the importance of productivity. Therefore, it is essential that you have an email hosting service provider that works with you and for you, and not against you.

Regardless of whether you own a small business or a large-scale business, you want to associate with the global powers, addresses, tasks, and calendars.

Email hosts such as G Suite, FastMail etc. give complete access to your contacts, email, and schedules on all the major browsers, search engines, and devices.

Hence, choose an email hosting solution that gives you various features and top-level services.

#4 Storage Space and Archives

There is nothing as horrible as an unorganized and inept inbox. Your email inbox must be systemized and sorted. There are some messages that you do not want to delete.

Then there are some that are totally useless. For important messages, you must have an archiving system.

In addition to that, the email hosting service must have systems to place all the data in the same place. There must be disaster recovery management and regular backup.

Which companies are the best email hosting for small business?

Following is a list of the best email hosting for small business 2021:

#1 G Suite

If you are wondering where can I get the best email hosting for my domain, its right here! G Suite sends emails with your domain name in the email address. This adds a professional touch.

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G Suite Features

  1. Great Storage: G Suites provide great storage space for your emails.
  2. 24×7 Customer Support: Any problem and any time, G Suites are right here to help.
  3. Advanced Administration Control: You will have full access to your emails but hacking and leaks are almost impossible.
  4. Responsive: You can open your emails easily on any device.

G Suite Plans:

  • Basic Plan: 210INR/User/Month
  • Business Plan: 714INR/User/Month
  • Enterprise Plan: 1650INR/User/Month

#2 Zoho Workplace

zoho mail, best email hosting for small business


  1. The document, presentation, and spreadsheet editor
  2. Presentation sharing
  3. Great storage
  4. Website builder
  5. Business email
  6. Email forwarding
  7. Corporate social network
  8. Group sharing
  9. Unlimited groups and channels
  10. Multiple domain hosting
  11. Custom branding
  12. Instant messaging
  13. Password protection
  14. eDiscovery
  15. Smart inbox search
  16. Advanced analytics & reporting
  17. Audit trail
  18. Unlimited file recovery
  19. Cloud storage
  20. Active Sync
  21. Unlimited custom apps


  • Standard:$3/user/month
  • Pro:$6/user/month
  • Enterprise:$10/user/month

#3 Rackspace

best email hosting for small business, Rackspace


  1. 24x7help and support
  2. Easy and free migration
  3. Anti-virus system
  4. Responsive
  5. Huge inbox storage
  6. Active mobile sync
  7. Webmail
  8. MS-Office compatible App
  9. Shared contacts
  10. Shared calendaring
  11. Instant messaging
  12. Archives


  • Basic: $2.99/user/month
  • Plus: $3.99/user/month
  • Plus Archiving: $6.99/user/month

#4 FastMail

fastmail review, fastmail hosting

Features: Fastmail

  1. Manage contacts
  2. Read messages
  3. Receive messages
  4. Access messages
  5. Filter Spam
  6. Anti-virus
  7. Organize calendar
  8. Shared calendar and contact
  9. Heavy storage
  10. Import tools


  • Basic: $3/user/month
  • Standard: $5/user/month
  • Professional: $9/user/month

Email hosting service plans are affordable. Choose a reliable service provider for your business.

It is definitely the perfect answer to all your business communication-related issues.